English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fortunate" in Example Sentences
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2202879	We're fortunate.	CK	1
2202878	Tom is fortunate.	CK	1
2202880	You're fortunate.	CK	1
2239793	Tom was fortunate.	CK	1
2547902	I was very fortunate.	CK	1
2240684	We're very fortunate.	CK	1
2218485	You're very fortunate.	CK	1
2359307	I've been very fortunate.	CK	1
2494099	I'm fortunate compared to him.	CK	1
66935	You are fortunate to have such loving parents.	CK	1
309689	It was fortunate for her that her husband arrived at that moment.	CK	1
1024038	Tom volunteered a good deal of his time to helping those less fortunate than himself.	CK	1
797400	That's fortunate.	FeuDRenais
1768708	I'm very fortunate.	Spamster
2157773	I was fortunate to see that.	Guybrush88
71612	You were fortunate to be here.	CK
2267385	It was a very fortunate meeting.	_undertoad
298270	He was fortunate to pass the exam.	CK
842952	I was fortunate to find a good job.	J_S
314496	She was fortunate to pass the exam.	CK
66909	He is fortunate having such a good wife.	CK
287131	I was fortunate to make his acquaintance.	CK
41263	It is fortunate that you have such parents.	CM
278796	It is fortunate that the weather is so nice.	CM
296305	He was fortunate to find the book he had lost.	Eldad
2712580	You're very fortunate to have such a good job.	CK
16669	You are fortunate for having such good friends.	Zifre
2712560	You're very fortunate to have such good friends.	CK
16526	You are very fortunate that you have such friends.	CK
49824	It is fortunate that you should have such a good friend.	CM
240794	I am fortunate enough to have access to an excellent library.	CK
264455	Japanese people are fortunate to live in a land with natural hot springs.	CK