English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fork" in Example Sentences
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2516418	This fork is dirty.	CK	1
2315164	One fork is missing.	CK	1
34381	Could we have a fork?	CK	1
3155771	Tom put his fork down.	CK	1
34390	There is a fork missing.	autuno	1
34388	A fork fell off the table.	CK	1
1093216	Tom mashed the potatoes with a large fork.	CK	1
1024439	Tom mistakenly ate his entree with his salad fork.	CK	1
1847710	Tom eats pizza with a fork, but Mary eats it with her hands.	CK	1
2756922	I'd like a fork.	Hybrid
2833882	A fork is missing.	Nero
2730924	The fork is dirty.	Hybrid
34389	I can't use a fork well.	CK
962236	These are not your forks.	mayok
2911951	How many more forks do we need?	CK
2268592	The tines of the fork are bent.	_undertoad
528309	They eat with a knife and fork.	fanty
2160688	You can't eat soup with a fork.	erikspen
261617	I took the right fork of the road.	CM
2649688	Could I have a knife and fork, please?	sharptoothed
2253164	Could I have a knife and fork, please?	_undertoad
299687	He handled the knife and fork very well.	CK
47513	The child handles a knife and fork well.	CK
3154724	Tom picked up his fork and began to eat.	CK
262535	Give us two knives and four forks, please.	CK
950223	I bought a dozen spoons and two dozen forks.	spockofvulcan
2640425	Tom put down his spoon and picked up a fork.	CK
249333	We usually eat with a knife, fork and spoon.	CM
1725439	Have you ever stirred your coffee with a fork?	Amastan
36545	Put the knives and forks back in the cupboard.	CM
46388	The boy can handle a knife and fork very well.	CK
2649580	Turn left when you get to the fork in the road.	sharptoothed
2253168	Turn left when you get to the fork in the road.	_undertoad
248245	We use chopsticks in place of knives and forks.	CM
1847838	Eating yogurt with a fork is somewhat difficult.	CK
2537671	Tom put down his fork and pushed his chair back.	CK
1847846	Do you eat spaghetti by twirling it around your fork?	CK
1847769	What are some foods you usually eat with a knife and fork?	CK
3086926	Tom put down his fork and picked up the drumstick with his fingers.	CK
371593	The small fork is for your salad, and the large one is for the main course.	saeb
1847842	Do you think fried chicken should be eaten with a fork or with your fingers?	CK
1887323	I googled "knife and fork" and "fork and knife" to see which got more results.	CK
34382	Those who use forks or chopsticks often think people who don't are uncivilized.	Swift
34384	Before forks and chopsticks, people usually ate food with a piece of flat bread.	CM
34386	Forks were used for many years in Europe and the Near East, but only for cooking.	Swift
73247	Even at the end of the nineteenth century, sailors in the British Navy were not permitted to use knives and forks because using them was considered a sign of weakness.	CM