English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Forest" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1876139	Tom is a forest ranger.	Spamster	1
2280426	They entered the forest.	CK	1
255821	I got lost in the forest.	CK	1
46329	The boy lost his way in the forest.	CK	1
269486	It became quiet again in the forest.	CK	1
269484	We hacked a path through the forest.	CK	1
1024035	Tom walked silently through the forest.	CK	1
58344	You can see many animals in this forest.	CK	1
3287371	Tom said he found something in the forest.	CK	1
2208755	You shouldn't have gone into the forest alone.	CK	1
269466	I built a house within a stone's throw of the forest.	CK	1
1096019	Tom always thought he'd like to become a forest ranger.	CK	1
2298079	The forest was dark.	Hybrid
1098356	We are in the forest.	cntrational
25908	Fire devoured the forest.	NekoKanjya
682174	The forest is very thick.	Source_VOA
2946838	It was dark in the forest.	astyng
269489	The forest was very still.	CK
280213	Animals inhabit the forest.	CM
46970	The forest was silent then.	CM
258838	I lost my way in the forest.	CK
1566877	Mary is alone in the forest.	corvard
724062	He lived alone in the forest.	jmadsen
293722	He lives in the forest alone.	CK
303610	He walked through the forest.	CK
2760938	We walked through the forest.	verdulo
290126	He cut through Sherwood Forest.	CM
261845	I walk in the forest every day.	CK
1530373	The boy got lost in the forest.	erikspen
306920	They are making for the forest.	CM
2742892	Tom disappeared into the forest.	CK
1761872	What's Germany's largest forest?	Amastan
324123	Wild animals live in the forest.	CK
3093832	I dreamed that I was in a forest.	Hybrid
248912	We went for a walk in the forest.	CK
1165297	The earth is covered with forests.	benutzer
46069	The animals in the forest died off.	U2FS
58341	There are many birds in this forest.	CK
57937	A forest fire broke out in this area.	CK
555247	He lived a lonely life in the forest.	FeuDRenais
276869	The man was hiding in a dense forest.	CM
269478	The silence in the forest is restful.	CK
2890314	We're trying to prevent forest fires.	sharptoothed
752175	He can't see the forest for the trees.	Dejo
1183649	He took a shortcut through the forest.	driada
267569	The little boy was lost in the forest.	CK
269480	We didn't see many deer in the forest.	CK
43361	Did the old man get lost in the forest?	Dejo
996900	Wild rabbits can be seen in the forest.	thayne
323634	You can't see the forest for the trees.	LowMemory