English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Foreign" in Example Sentences
Page 1

680997	Tom speaks two foreign languages.	Source_VOA	1
325478	Can foreign students be in the club?	CM	1
256624	I am learning two foreign languages.	CK	1
1024364	Tom only has a slight foreign accent.	CK	1
293271	He often travels to foreign countries.	CK	1
21893	Speaking foreign languages is not easy.	Swift	1
256617	I have many friends in foreign countries.	CK	1
21939	It's fun to learn about foreign cultures.	Eldad	1
1801	I find foreign languages very interesting.	Swift	1
1110707	It's not easy to speak a foreign language.	CK	1
1024206	Tom says that learning a foreign language is hard.	CK	1
460298	Speaking of foreign languages, do you speak French?	jeanne	1
21928	The good way to know a foreign country is to go there.	NekoKanjya	1
953151	Can we really learn to speak a foreign language like a native?	CK	1
953635	I think it's a shame that some foreign language teachers were able to graduate from college without ever having studied with a native speaker.	CK	1
428081	He has a foreign car.	witbrock
896051	I like foreign languages.	Scott
249881	I have two foreign friends.	CK
2761674	Tom lost his foreign accent.	sharptoothed
2264350	She affects a foreign accent.	sharptoothed
69532	Do you have any foreign books?	CK
262115	I don't care for foreign food.	CK
21940	Do you have any foreign stamps?	CK
294746	He has a lot of foreign stamps.	CK
294748	He is engaged in foreign trade.	CK
281607	Japan depends on foreign trade.	CK
1671775	He's a foreign exchange student.	Spamster
935321	Do you study any foreign language?	Guybrush88
2258339	He enlisted in the Foreign Legion.	_undertoad
436767	I like to study foreign languages.	lukaszpp
1972685	Is the Orient too foreign for you?	nonong
21909	Learning a foreign language is fun.	sacredceltic
256615	I am all alone in a foreign country.	Dejo
924165	Studying a foreign language is hard.	Scott
294678	He knows a lot about foreign affairs.	CK
460246	It's fun to learn a foreign language.	jeanne
1392609	Learning foreign languages is boring.	CM
49095	The firm is under foreign management.	CK
1002803	Has the Foreign Secretary arrived yet?	CM
256619	I prefer English cars to foreign ones.	CK
460272	It's hard to learn a foreign language.	jeanne
319345	My father is engaged in foreign trade.	CK
251135	My hobby is collecting foreign stamps.	CK
310164	She can speak three foreign languages.	CK
838872	She has traveled in foreign countries.	Scott
248469	We managed to get some foreign stamps.	CK
2270175	Where can I exchange foreign currency?	_undertoad
681136	Foreign languages can be hard to learn.	Source_VOA
803219	He seemed to understand foreign policy.	Source_VOA
243560	I have a foreign object in my left ear.	CM