English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Football" in Example Sentences
Page 1

858100	I like football.	miravalles	1
2175511	I play football.	frog1011	1
255512	I played football.	CK	1
1843851	Football is a sport.	CK	1
3123326	Do you like football?	CK	1
34329	Football is an old game.	CK	1
512224	I'm crazy about football.	CK	1
255510	I'm on the football team.	CK	1
2007527	Let's play some football.	CK	1
586472	I play football every day.	boracasli	1
2276286	I just don't like football.	CK	1
262842	We enjoyed playing football.	CK	1
1552247	Tom likes football and music.	Spamster	1
2541759	I'm watching the football game.	CK	1
2050625	They play football after school.	CK	1
249379	We play football every Saturday.	CK	1
1330906	Do you want to play football with us?	CK	1
1025214	Tom hurt his leg while playing football.	CK	1
682137	Tom is the captain of the football team.	Source_VOA	1
680207	Tom announced that he was quitting football.	Source_VOA	1
1092423	Tom was determined to make the football team.	CK	1
1479190	Tom is the only boy who doesn't like football.	Spamster	1
1961593	I thought you always played football on Saturday.	CK	1
2050701	Tom plays quarterback on our high school's football team.	CK	1
2278826	Americans like football in the same way that Japanese like baseball.	CK	1
37218	Tom is captain of the football team and is on the baseball team as well.	CK	1
1634981	I hate football.	Guybrush88
436335	I am fan of football.	lukaszpp
1263591	I'm fond of football.	xellugis
815917	He is good at football.	heranje
1748255	I am a football player.	Djef_Messaoudi
2545581	I used to coach football.	CK
661650	I'm really into football.	CM
238896	Ken is a football player.	CK
3354958	You should play football.	CK
450270	He likes playing football.	CK
257472	I am playing football now.	CK
2644113	I joined the football team.	CK
34330	Football is my favorite game.	CK
453737	Ken plays football every day.	CK
3355024	Do you want to watch football?	CK
1532025	Football is an exciting sport.	LittleBoy
1233148	I will play football tomorrow.	jesuisunmonstre
250854	My favourite game is football.	CK
3360950	Tom got muddy playing football.	CK
304263	He prefers football to baseball.	CK
1415009	Mary is not a huge football fan.	Spamster
1785007	My father doesn't like football.	aquatius
34334	Where can I see a football game?	CK
1398216	Football means everything to Tom.	Spamster