English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fond" in Example Sentences
Page 1

301692	He is fond of fishing.	CK	1
293933	He is fond of swimming.	CK	1
316008	She is fond of animals.	CK	1
2957377	Tom isn't fond of nicknames.	CK	1
1093669	Tom has fond memories of Mary.	CK	1
251747	Both my father and my brother are fond of gambling.	CM	1
258386	I am fond of cars.	CM
321601	I am fond of Cathy.	CM
256323	I am fond of music.	CM
253418	I was fond of cake.	CM
253952	I am fond of skiing.	CM
310779	She is fond of cake.	CK
56357	Are you fond of golf?	CK
261748	I am fond of reading.	CM
1263591	I'm fond of football.	xellugis
25421	Are you fond of music?	CK
294706	He is fond of painting.	CK
302735	He gave her a fond look.	CM
303717	He is fond of adventure.	CM
2649864	I'm very fond of olives.	sharptoothed
53011	Judy is fond of dancing.	CM
681574	Tom is not fond of pets.	Source_VOA
2953938	We're quite fond of Tom.	CK
324075	Are you fond of baseball?	CK
15965	Are you fond of swimming?	Swift
294187	He is very fond of music.	CM
309149	I'm not fond of her face.	CK
315709	She is very fond of dogs.	CK
2259675	They're very fond of him.	_undertoad
276824	Boys are fond of mischief.	CM
2258649	He's very fond of reading.	_undertoad
2258651	He's very fond of walking.	_undertoad
258620	I'm fond of playing shogi.	CM
2958676	Tom was very fond of Mary.	CK
378505	My sister is fond of music.	CK
312630	She is very fond of gossip.	Eldad
258377	I'm fond of taking pictures.	CK
1745347	My dad is not fond of music.	kate15
312905	She is very fond of flowers.	CK
2953894	We're all quite fond of Tom.	CK
69759	Are you fond of Maltese dogs?	CK
2258379	He has become fond of sports.	_undertoad
291735	He is fond of chocolate cake.	CM
291875	He is fond of playing tennis.	CM
1771852	I am fond of Australian food.	CK
311648	She is fond of playing tennis.	CM
314800	She's fond of taking pictures.	CM
2953811	We were all quite fond of Tom.	CK
2292498	You really are fond of eating.	Adelpa
321600	I am fond of playing the guitar.	CM