English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Focus" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111647	Keep focused.	CK	1
2111513	Stay focused.	CK	1
2253810	Try to focus.	CK	1
2241171	We must focus.	CK	1
1474812	Tom is focused.	Spamster	1
2835778	I need to focus.	CK	1
2237082	Tom kept focused.	CK	1
2249477	Just stay focused.	CK	1
3101555	Let's stay focused.	CK	1
1513362	Tom is not focused.	Spamster	1
2647178	Focus on the details.	CK	1
2647177	Focus on the present.	CK	1
2451591	I'm focusing on my French.	CK	1
3185061	We've got to stay focused.	CK	1
2387821	I need you to stay focused.	CK	1
2007326	Let's focus on getting this done.	CK	1
2301964	I can't focus on two things at the same time.	CK	1
1209509	Don't lose focus.	CM
684142	She focused on her work.	CK
3328171	Can we please focus here?	CK
3185038	You need to stay focused.	CK
2755171	He focused on his studies.	verdulo
49495	The image is not in focus.	CM
26432	The image is out of focus.	CK
3185059	Tom tried to stay focused.	CK
1911982	I'm having trouble focusing.	Spamster
34439	That's a little out of focus.	Swift
239416	Adjust the microscope's focus.	kebukebu
3185229	Tom struggled to stay focused.	CK
3185241	Tom was trying to stay focused.	CK
261246	I focused the camera on her face.	CK
509839	Focus on one thing and do it well.	CK
569705	Adjust the focus of the microscope.	Scott
3185349	Tom forced himself to stay focused.	CK
2952381	I need you to focus and listen to me.	CK
291317	He focused his attention on that problem.	CK
259751	I tried to focus my attention on reading.	CK
279668	The picture of the tower was out of focus.	CM
1259489	Alain focused all his attention on his cat.	Scott
252442	I'll focus on the market development for 1999.	CM
1783755	While you drive, you should focus on the road.	Shadd
1268686	I'm actually reading an article on how to focus.	Guybrush88
3098986	Stop worrying about that and focus on your work.	CK
58444	This chapter will focus on the concepts of geometry.	CM
2955731	Tom and Mary both wanted to focus more on their careers.	CK
300901	He has given up running in order to focus on the long jump.	CK
242873	Today we're going to focus on the question of homeless people.	CK