English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Flute" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1173645	He can play a flute.	CK	1
2548080	Tom plays the flute.	CK	1
2956230	Tom can play a flute.	CK	1
2770447	He can play the flute.	CK	1
2956232	Tom can play the flute.	CK	1
292644	He is able to play the flute.	CK	1
2050676	I played the flute when I was in high school.	CK	1
1543596	Tom was impressed by how well Mary could play the flute.	CK	1
1961394	I thought Tom would be better at playing the flute than that.	CK	1
1029718	Tom asked Mary if she knew how to play that song on the flute.	CK	1
2986504	I have a flute.	Guybrush88
267822	A girl is playing the flute.	CK
34118	I plan to play a flute solo.	CK
1756445	My favorite music instrument is the flute.	Djef_Messaoudi
33234	Bob plays not only the guitar but also the flute.	CK
696046	In case of fire, I would grab my flute and escape.	CK
953739	I wish I could play the flute as well as Ian Anderson.	CK
292470	He can play the piano, the flute, the guitar, and so on.	CK
813485	I would like to learn to play the piano, guitar or flute.	eastasiastudent