English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fireman" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1141020	Tom wants to become a fireman.	CK	1
2400058	The firemen broke down the door with an ax.	CK	1
1025863	Tom eagerly ate the sandwich that the fireman gave him.	CK	1
2531376	Tom is a volunteer fireman.	CK
1898361	I never wanted to be a fireman.	CK
2268126	The firemen localized the fire.	_undertoad
268164	The fireman soon put the fire out.	CK
268157	The firemen soon put out the fire.	CK
268159	The firemen battered down the door.	CK
299644	He made up his mind to be a fireman.	CK
1977362	He dressed as a fireman for Halloween.	Spamster
268163	The firemen had the fire out in no time.	CK
268167	The fireman rushed into the burning house.	CK
268162	The firemen rushed into the burning house.	CK
268158	The firemen quickly extinguished the blaze.	CM
268160	The fireman could not extinguish the flames.	CK
1898218	The fireman chopped his way through the door.	CK
23806	The fire was put out at the cost of a fireman's life.	NekoKanjya
46266	The brave fireman rescued a boy from the burning house.	CK
268152	It took the fireman almost two hours to put out the fire.	CK
23870	The fire had spread to the next building before the firemen came.	CK
282239	The firemen's face was grim when he came out of the burning house.	CM
268154	Before the firemen were able to arrive, both buildings burned down.	CK
462712	The fire was so intense that the firemen couldn't get into the house.	lukaszpp
1341391	I don't remember ever wanting to become a fireman or a baseball player when I was young.	CK