English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Film" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2549500	I'm out of film.	CK	1
681209	Tom works in the film industry.	Source_VOA	1
1807619	Stop filming.	Guybrush88
2320	I liked this film.	Eldad
255527	I love French films.	jakov
34406	My film has run out.	CM
49562	How does the film end?	CM
26456	Did you enjoy the film?	NekoKanjya
248334	We all enjoyed the film.	CK
254232	I missed seeing the film.	Dejo
60585	Please develop this film.	CK
49553	How did you like the film?	aandrusiak
1728098	I am watching an old film.	Amastan
1211529	I want to watch this film.	alec
639901	That film is for children.	meiko452
60245	This film is worth seeing.	CK
66311	When did you see the film?	adjusting
49511	I wish I had seen the film.	CK
2006634	It was filmed in Australia.	FlamingTofu
254229	I have seen the film before.	CK
750953	Which films are showing now?	sctld
286840	His new film is worth seeing.	CK
49513	I found the film interesting.	CM
49528	The film was a great success.	CM
1741860	Don't let him watch this film.	Amastan
286819	His new film is disappointing.	CM
924077	This film is based on a novel.	Shiawase
60586	Can I have this film developed?	CK
33129	I'm going to see a horror film.	CK
2259010	It's the best film of the year.	_undertoad
515641	One roll of color film, please.	CK
1213530	That film's really interesting.	alec
986472	There's no film in this camera.	CK
49544	When will the film be released?	CM
1728101	Have you ever watched this film?	Amastan
1812128	I have watched all of her films.	Bah_Dure
1678124	I haven't seen any of his films.	Amastan
2940012	There is no film in this camera.	Hakaku
2649756	They filmed the entire ceremony.	sharptoothed
701730	The new film was a great success.	Eldad
63566	I failed to put film in my camera.	CM
1776561	Don't let the kids watch this film.	Amastan
924141	I forgot to put film in the camera.	Shiawase
60252	I found this film very interesting.	CK
836503	Have you ever seen a film this good?	Hautis
581887	Have you ever seen such a nice film?	qdii
1712905	Steven Spielberg is a film director.	Amastan
49526	The film was not a success in Japan.	CM
986470	There isn't any film in this camera.	CK
237442	This camera is not loaded with film.	Nero