English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fifteen" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2799984	Three times five is fifteen.	CK	1
2643072	You're fifteen minutes early.	CK	1
238917	Ken will be fifteen next year.	CK	1
2427963	I'll be there in fifteen minutes.	CK	1
756079	I was a teacher for fifteen years.	Nevado	1
2401197	Tom showed up fifteen minutes late.	CK	1
2953561	We can be there in fifteen minutes.	CK	1
42836	It will cost around fifteen dollars.	CK	1
1024034	Tom walks about fifteen miles a day.	CK	1
326192	The train is made up of fifteen cars.	CK	1
1808160	I learned to drive when I was fifteen.	pne	1
1092370	Tom was only gone for fifteen minutes.	CK	1
437093	I was fifteen years old in this picture.	lukaszpp	1
2359799	I haven't had a cold since I was fifteen.	CK	1
1092934	Tom should be here within fifteen minutes.	CK	1
1092418	Tom was expecting you fifteen minutes ago.	CK	1
73324	When I was fifteen, I got a room of my own.	CM	1
1847716	Tom has to eat his lunch in fifteen minutes.	CK	1
2359217	I've been playing soccer since I was fifteen.	CK	1
1847714	Tom has only fifteen minutes to eat his lunch.	CK	1
252421	I have practiced piano every day for fifteen years.	CK	1
2031040	It's a fifteen minute walk from here to the campus.	CK	1
2492888	There are fifteen people here, counting the guests.	sharptoothed	1
2262761	Tom and some other men arrived fifteen minutes ago.	CK	1
1847720	Tom is only given fifteen minutes to eat his lunch.	CK	1
1026219	Tom divorced his first wife more than fifteen years ago.	CK	1
2031042	It takes fifteen minutes to walk from here to the campus.	CK	1
1024400	Tom needs to renew his passport before the fifteenth of next month.	CK	1
33519	I remember it as if it were yesterday, but in reality it was fifteen years ago.	CK	1
1038009	It took Tom fifteen minutes of googling before he found what he was looking for.	CK	1
1922107	Tom spent fifteen minutes trying to pry open the drawer with a crowbar, but he couldn't get it opened.	CK	1
2266998	I have less than fifteen.	_undertoad
1247009	I have fifteen hundred cows.	wallebot
1368526	I waited for fifteen minutes.	CK
320490	It's fifteen minutes on foot.	CM
3330304	I've only got fifteen minutes.	CK
322879	My daughter is barely fifteen.	CK
462590	The book costs fifteen dollars.	lukaszpp
2541197	Tom took a fifteen-minute break.	CK
379200	It was less than fifteen dollars.	Dorenda
3153125	The tower is fifteen metres tall.	Vanilla
498145	It cost less than fifteen dollars.	darinmex
1879889	He got bored after fifteen minutes.	Spamster
2891806	Please be ready in fifteen minutes.	CK
456093	It has to be ready by the fifteenth.	lukaszpp
311554	She has no more than fifteen dollars.	CM
35329	The bus leaves every fifteen minutes.	CK
35328	There is a bus every fifteen minutes.	CK
65346	Let me see. There were fifteen people.	CM
1782037	Multiply three by five to get fifteen.	Objectivesea