English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Female" in Example Sentences
Page 1

258086	I keep a female cat.	CK
61637	Koko is a female gorilla.	CK
68424	Is that dog male or female?	CK
2771505	Is that bird male or female?	sharptoothed
276346	He wanted female companionship.	CM
1482784	Mary was the only female teacher.	Spamster
270109	A person is either male or female.	CM
1779777	The suspect is a caucasian female.	Spamster
908705	Who's your favorite female rapper?	CK
680729	Do you prefer a male or female doctor?	Source_VOA
1641024	I'm not sure if it's a male or a female.	Spamster
2916561	My boyfriend has a lot of female friends.	Hybrid
1078024	She will be the first female Japanese astronaut.	keira_n
63433	A female kangaroo carries its young in the pouch.	CM
680374	The bird's beautiful tail helps it attract females.	Source_VOA
680373	The peacock's beautiful tail helps it attract females.	Source_VOA
629763	A female friend of mine loves to go to gay bars with me.	darinmex
329367	Female hormone imbalance is a major cause of infertility.	fcbond
59937	Only 16 percent of the teachers of this school are female.	CK
454396	I have three dogs. One is male and the other two are female.	FeuDRenais
59414	The patients in this study consisted of 30 males and 25 females.	CM
770434	A female friend of ours took a trip to a small village last week.	CK
370712	The female student that sat in front of the teacher is from Germany.	saeb
328923	A female beggar was begging with five or six children following along.	fcbond
329144	Mrs. Bruce was the first female pilot to fly between England and Japan.	fcbond
329519	Until Manet painted this picture, his female nudes were limited to goddesses.	fcbond