English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fear" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245766	I felt fear.	CK	1
305472	They feared you.	CM	1
2301336	I can smell fear.	CK	1
2271840	I don't fear them.	CK	1
297223	He didn't fear death.	CK	1
313238	She trembled with fear.	CK	1
2406225	I see fear in your eyes.	CK	1
1451599	That boy showed no fear.	CK	1
1886673	What's your greatest fear?	CK	1
2012949	I don't want you to fear me.	CK	1
267857	The girl trembled with fear.	CK	1
1164243	Tom saw fear in Mary's eyes.	CK	1
2406098	I saw the fear in Tom's eyes.	CK	1
1868408	Tom could no longer hide his fear.	CK	1
1023945	Tom was suddenly overcome by fear.	CK	1
2019137	I don't want to live my life in fear.	CK	1
2400171	Tom had a fear that he would fall down.	CK	1
245257	I fear so.	Zifre
1574215	He has no fear.	Guybrush88
1305324	I fear nothing.	alexmarcelo
1574208	She has no fear.	Guybrush88
1111459	I don't fear death.	Scott
1790820	I feared the worst.	Spamster
1582020	I do not fear death.	Spamster
1714137	The people fear war.	charlotte13
2647540	Tom cringed in fear.	CK
819037	Everybody fears time.	Guybrush88
2267671	Put aside those fears.	_undertoad
31412	I fear we are too late.	CM
2199034	I saw fear in his eyes.	Hybrid
313241	She was pale with fear.	sacredceltic
2956636	Tom doesn't fear death.	CK
295325	He was seized with fear.	CK
45408	The boy feared the dark.	CK
3286823	There's nothing to fear.	CK
2892259	This is what Tom feared.	CK
295322	He turned pale with fear.	CM
295326	He was paralyzed by fear.	CK
3171987	I saw fear in Tom's eyes.	CK
2724115	My worst fears came true.	Hybrid
1185237	There is nothing to fear.	Nero
24803	You have nothing to fear.	CK
1895705	You must face your fears.	CK
1650379	Fear is a great motivator.	dimitris
1782667	I don't know what fear is.	Amastan
1325773	I have a fear of the dark.	Guybrush88
313246	She turned pale with fear.	CK
2056347	There was a sense of fear.	Guybrush88
285810	His eyes betrayed his fear.	CM
287056	His son trembled with fear.	CM