English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fate" in Example Sentences
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2248829	It was fate.	CK	1
2240672	We're tempting fate.	CK	1
2218421	You're tempting fate.	CK	1
2646085	Do you believe in fate?	CK	1
2275960	I don't believe in fate.	CK	1
2012647	I don't want to tempt fate.	CK	1
273995	It was her fate to die young.	CK	1
2376195	I know Tom doesn't believe in fate.	CK	1
1797653	This is my fate.	Spamster
1797652	This is your fate.	Spamster
1077426	Fate smiled upon me.	NekoKanjya
2230309	Fate turned against him.	eternica
860112	Death is everyone's fate.	piksea
1787051	My fate is in your hands.	Spamster
1787050	Our fate is in your hands.	Spamster
2047260	Their fates were entwined.	halfb1t
314636	She had to accept her fate.	CK
19160	A terrible fate awaited him.	CM
283730	He has my fate in his hands.	CM
1748883	Fate taught me a hard lesson.	belgavox
298633	He was ready to face his fate.	CK
316751	She shared her husband's fate.	CM
314635	She was ready to face her fate.	lilygilder
768684	Death is the fate of all people.	Zifre
314719	She sighed over her unhappy fate.	CK
315599	She abandoned her son to his fate.	CM
247426	Our fate depends on your decisions.	Eldad
296147	It was his fate to live a lonely life.	CM
312634	She had no choice but to accept her fate.	CM
1668293	We eventually came to terms with our fate.	fanty
3022400	The last witness sealed the prisoner's fate.	sharptoothed
1902413	He stopped resisting, and resigned himself to his fate.	blay_paul
270369	The fate of the hostages depends on the result of the negotiation.	CK
28895	Although our universe is still young, theorists are busy exploring its ultimate fate.	CM