English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Farmer" in Example Sentences
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2167100	I'm a farmer.	Vortarulo	1
2272796	Tom is a farmer.	CK	1
2648661	Tom was a farmer.	CK	1
2647934	Tom isn't a farmer.	CK	1
2646453	Tom could be a farmer.	CK	1
2262883	Tom is a terrible farmer.	CK	1
1961487	I thought Tom was a farmer.	CK	1
250267	My grandmother was a farmer.	CK	1
2719127	You should've been a farmer.	CK	1
288916	He bought eggs and milk from a farmer.	CK	1
1027126	Tom and the other farmers prayed for rain.	CK	1
1943759	The dairy farmer died.	Guybrush88
2892376	Tom was a potato farmer.	CK
802946	He wanted to be a farmer.	Source_VOA
287787	His parents were farmers.	CK
806913	Farmers were doing better.	Source_VOA
802988	He spoke to farmers in Iowa.	Source_VOA
819064	My grandfather was a farmer.	Guybrush88
1152228	He wanted to become a farmer.	belgavox
306094	Originally they were farmers.	CM
807059	Many farmers lost their farms.	Source_VOA
1855069	He married a farmer's daughter.	Spamster
316136	She looks like a farmer's wife.	CK
282319	Farmers sow seeds in the spring.	CM
285729	His family had been wheat farmers.	CK
311384	She borrowed a saw from the farmer.	CK
282290	The farmer liked to keep them busy.	CK
282325	The farmers didn't know what to do.	CK
282310	The farmer plowed his field all day.	CK
282321	Farmers work hard in the winter, too.	CM
282308	Some farmers are working on the farm.	CK
807297	Some were farmers, some were hunters.	Source_VOA
44529	The farmer employed five new workers.	CK
282315	Farmers are busy working in the field.	CK
803138	He was a fruit farmer from California.	Source_VOA
44522	The farmer sowed his field with wheat.	CM
321276	Many farmers in Hokkaido grow potatoes.	CK
1540035	The farmer seeded the field with wheat.	JimBreen
64114	The farmers must be happy to hear that.	CM
44528	The farmer keeps his tractor in the barn.	CM
282331	Farmers always complain about the weather.	CK
282316	The farmer pitched the hay onto the wagon.	CM
44533	The old farmer did not pay him much money.	CM
282327	Farmers separate good apples from bad ones.	CM
271494	The government imposed a new tax on farmers.	CM
2230283	I like shopping at the local farmers' market.	Hybrid
45482	The president was a farmer when he was young.	CK
802590	They also captured another farmer and his son.	Source_VOA
282326	Farmers are always at the mercy of the weather.	CM
804044	Millions of farmers had to look for other work.	Source_VOA