English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Farm" in Example Sentences
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3097127	I live on a farm.	CK	1
259900	I worked on a farm.	CK	1
2330013	I grew up on a farm.	CK	1
2548094	Tom lived on a farm.	CK	1
2547924	I was born on a farm.	CK	1
62142	This is Uncle Tom's farm.	CK	1
322025	We played around the farm.	CK	1
3097137	What do you grow on your farm?	CK	1
248748	We worked on a farm last summer.	CK	1
3097059	Our farm isn't far away from here.	CK	1
1498774	Tom doesn't want to sell his farm.	Spamster	1
1841453	Tom lives on a farm in California.	CK	1
2640974	Tom had a farm not too far from Boston.	CK	1
282293	The stable is right behind the farm house.	CK	1
251753	My father and mother have a big farm there.	CK	1
1025459	Tom has a small farm just outside of Boston.	CK	1
259309	I bought an eight-acre farm for my retirement.	CK	1
275534	On large farms, cattle are usually marked with brands.	CM	1
3023349	Tom stopped at his grandfather's farm on his way to Boston.	CK	1
1028341	Tom lives on a farm with his wife, Mary, not too far from Boston.	CK	1
305285	Their farms adjoin.	CM
3097033	How far is the next farm?	CK
806914	Few farms had electricity.	Source_VOA
2724252	Tom works on a sheep farm.	Hybrid
52942	George works on a big farm.	CK
302376	He is employed on the farm.	CK
2184272	They've bet the farm on it.	Hybrid
2543956	Tom used to live on a farm.	CK
252094	My parents also have a farm.	CK
2959167	The car raced past the farm.	sharptoothed
1402772	The car raced past the farm.	captcrouton
2450003	Do you have any farm animals?	sharptoothed
487163	I worked on the farm all day.	CK
2542769	Tom wanted to live on a farm.	CK
2682159	"I work on a farm," said Tom.	Hybrid
275776	A lot of people work on farms.	CK
807059	Many farmers lost their farms.	Source_VOA
3096992	This land is ideal for farming.	CK
302379	He had no money to buy the farm.	CK
289991	He has a large farm in Colorado.	CK
3104390	Tom and Mary bought an old farm.	Hybrid
3096972	Tom was forced to sell his farm.	CK
285726	All of his family work on a farm.	CM
275538	I'd like to run a big stock farm.	CM
3097162	Tom worked on a farm last summer.	CK
490668	The plane landed on my dad's farm.	CK
2985353	Tom was born and raised on a farm.	sharptoothed
3096976	I lived on a farm when I was a kid.	CK
62521	Ken's uncle has a big chicken farm.	CK
251171	My uncle has a farm in the village.	CM