English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Familiar" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2233680	This is familiar.	CK	1
1895719	You look familiar.	CK	1
2255195	You seem familiar.	CK	1
2243226	They look familiar.	CK	1
1868048	Tom looks familiar.	CK	1
2250125	That looks familiar.	CK	1
2249641	Nothing looks familiar.	CK	1
2645913	Tom does look familiar.	CK	1
2645912	Tom does seem familiar.	CK	1
2892947	Why is this so familiar?	CK	1
2730811	I saw many familiar faces.	Hybrid	1
2280396	That doesn't sound familiar.	CK	1
260553	I am familiar with his music.	CK	1
63914	I am familiar with your name.	CK	1
2395973	Doesn't that car look familiar?	CK	1
291330	He is familiar with the subject.	CK	1
253620	I am familiar with this subject.	CK	1
1559605	Your name sounds familiar to me.	CK	1
253726	I am familiar with this neighborhood.	CK	1
259502	I am familiar with this part of town.	CK	1
2701085	It's not something I'm familiar with.	CK	1
1024703	Tom isn't familiar with that subject.	CK	1
60446	This melody is familiar to many Japanese.	Eldad	1
2293249	I assume you're familiar with this concept.	CK	1
260644	I am familiar with the way he asks questions.	CK	1
1094665	Tom didn't see any familiar faces at the party.	CK	1
1084449	It looks familiar.	CM
1084452	It sounds familiar.	CM
628363	It's familiar to me.	AmberShadow
1628162	That sounds familiar.	Spamster
1740831	This sounds familiar.	Spamster
3348075	You look very familiar.	CK
50406	The proverb is familiar.	CK
3356361	You look familiar to me.	CK
1898372	His name sounds familiar.	CK
1177016	That seems familiar to me.	bart
2644362	Tom looks really familiar.	CK
3356416	You look awfully familiar.	CK
263221	His name is familiar to us.	CK
2375749	I knew you looked familiar.	CK
870577	I'm not familiar with that.	alexmarcelo
2644029	Tom and Mary look familiar.	CK
54467	I'm familiar with your name.	CK
253561	This song is familiar to me.	CK
60107	This song is familiar to us.	CK
64711	Your face is familiar to me.	CK
63916	Your name is familiar to me.	jakov
3360219	You look very familiar to me.	CK
290004	He is familiar with computers.	CK
291409	He is familiar with the topic.	CK