English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Fairly" in Example Sentences
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2649019	I'm fairly busy.	CK	1
2044406	I'm fairly happy.	CK	1
2648516	I'm fairly hungry.	CK	1
2247975	I'm fairly certain.	CK	1
1983993	It was fairly funny.	CK	1
2273126	Tom is fairly large.	CK	1
2249076	It's fairly accurate.	CK	1
242917	It's fairly warm today.	CK	1
32980	That's fairly reasonable.	CK	1
2713373	I'm a fairly fast swimmer.	CK	1
2046773	I'm fairly busy, actually.	CK	1
1486892	Tom is fairly pretentious.	Spamster	1
2544208	I'm fairly sure it'll work.	CK	1
1025189	Tom is a fairly decent golfer.	CK	1
2451500	Tom speaks French fairly well.	CK	1
2663186	It's a fairly complicated problem.	CK	1
2046871	The bar is fairly busy this evening.	CK	1
1026872	Tom can dance fairly well, can't he?	CK	1
1029563	Tom bought Mary a fairly expensive camera.	CK	1
1024146	Tom speaks French fairly well, doesn't he?	CK	1
273030	The teacher treated all the students fairly.	CK	1
2640349	Tom knew Mary could speak French fairly well.	CK	1
1887478	I know a guy who plays the guitar fairly well.	CK	1
2358698	I have a fairly good idea what needs to be done.	CK	1
2451167	Some of my friends can speak French fairly well.	CK	1
2736219	Tom seems to be able to speak French fairly well.	CK	1
1094858	Tom did fairly well on the test he took yesterday.	CK	1
1040642	Tom found it fairly easy to follow Mary without being seen.	CK	1
2451067	After studying French for three years, Tom could speak it fairly well.	CK	1
1721129	It's now fairly common.	Spamster
2509483	Tom dealt fairly with me.	sharptoothed
297677	He acted fairly toward me.	CM
3004936	She speaks fairly quickly.	pne
300108	He deals fairly with people.	CM
298636	He ruled his kingdom fairly.	CK
3023790	Tom has been treated fairly.	CK
300854	He has a fairly large fortune.	CK
289555	He speaks English fairly well.	CK
1961599	I thought you did fairly well.	CK
2541929	I'm a fairly well-educated guy.	CK
1442231	She's in a fairly bad mood now.	CK
3022372	The work here is fairly simple.	sharptoothed
3324713	That's a fairly reasonable price.	CK
2941057	You should treat everyone fairly.	Hybrid
258908	I thought I was a fairly good swimmer.	CK
55157	We must deal fairly with these people.	CK
1605895	It's fairly mild for this time of year.	trieuho
2955730	Tom and Mary both remained fairly calm.	CK
36515	That sounds like a fairly good proposal.	CK
44132	The surface of the object is fairly rough.	CM