English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Failure" in Example Sentences
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2549182	You're a failure.	CK	1
35629	The party was a failure.	CK	1
1093508	Tom is a failure as a father.	CK	1
1029576	Tom blamed the failure on Mary.	CK	1
1950648	We can't afford another failure.	CK	1
1035177	He blames his failure on bad luck.	CK	1
264745	Don't blame others for your failure.	CK	1
298759	He blamed others for his own failure.	CK	1
1093510	Tom is a complete failure as a father.	CK	1
2853099	Tom blamed the teacher for his failure.	CK	1
1029577	Tom blamed Mary for the project's failure.	CK	1
1025550	Tom had only himself to blame for the failure.	CK	1
241575	What will happen if there's power failure now?	CK	1
1024829	Tom is the one who should be blamed for the failure.	CK	1
1027154	Tom always tries to blame someone else for his failures.	CK	1
2163568	It's not a failure.	Guybrush88
321502	Don't laugh at my failure.	CK
32533	It was a complete failure.	CK
46930	The failure depressed him.	CM
2268016	The business was a failure.	_undertoad
262628	Our effort ended in failure.	CK
298760	He blamed his failure on her.	CK
298939	He is ashamed of his failure.	CK
285841	His attempt ended in failure.	Eldad
285954	His project ended in failure.	CM
264157	One failure followed another.	CM
48853	The attempt ended in failure.	CK
803086	He had suffered some failures.	Source_VOA
46896	That experiment was a failure.	CK
284684	He is to blame for the failure.	CK
248832	We must reflect on our failure.	CK
23352	All our effort ended in failure.	CK
465147	The experiment ended in failure.	saasmath
40388	Who is to blame for the failure?	CK
298754	He should reflect on his failure.	CK
807159	The peace talks ended in failure.	Source_VOA
46928	You are to blame for the failure.	CK
23624	Don't dwell on your past failures.	CK
58810	I am responsible for this failure.	CK
68175	No one informed me of his failure.	CK
306805	They blamed the failure on George.	CK
286557	His failure led to his resignation.	CK
286563	How do you account for his failure?	CM
274413	I am to blame for my son's failure.	CK
1442152	She blamed her failure on bad luck.	CK
48508	The project was a complete failure.	CK
305662	They blamed George for the failure.	CK
2956135	Tom blamed his failure to bad luck.	CK
286561	His failure is due to his ignorance.	CK
286554	His failure taught me a good lesson.	CK