English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Extreme" in Example Sentences
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2233678	This is extreme.	CK	1
2976686	Tom is in extreme pain.	CK	1
16974	Your proposal is a bit extreme.	CK	1
680918	Tom's job creates extreme stress.	Source_VOA	1
680916	Tom likes the extreme cold of Alaska.	Source_VOA	1
326926	I hear you've done some pretty extreme stuff.	CK	1
18859	Don't go to extremes.	Nero
1721051	It's an extreme case.	Spamster
1620883	This is pretty extreme.	Spamster
1723840	Is it not a bit extreme?	belgavox
42512	They are the extreme cases.	CK
1025086	Tom is apt to go to extremes.	CK
807050	Hamilton's ideas were extreme.	Source_VOA
680919	Base jumping is an extreme sport.	Source_VOA
286230	His ideas are too extreme for me.	CK
319058	My father rarely goes to extremes.	CK
286235	His way of thinking is a bit extreme.	CM
67448	Aya tends to carry things to extremes.	CM
680917	They're having extreme money problems.	Source_VOA
3127912	We rejected Tom's suggestion as too extreme.	CK
284741	He uses extreme care when he drives in the rain.	CM
939730	A blizzard is an example of extreme weather conditions.	alexmarcelo
259512	I have struggled under extreme difficulties for a long time.	CK
29928	If you drive with anything less than extreme caution, you're risking your life.	CM