English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Extraordinary" in Example Sentences
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2111441	That's extraordinary.	CK	1
2202821	Tom is extraordinary.	CK	1
2202822	You're extraordinary.	CK	1
2233677	This is extraordinary.	CK	1
2239785	Tom was extraordinary.	CK	1
680912	Tom got extraordinary grades.	Source_VOA	1
2954923	You're an extraordinary woman.	CK	1
2957047	Tom is an extraordinary person.	CK
3131757	Something extraordinary happened.	CK
3131756	Something extraordinary has happened.	CK
2954591	You must be an extraordinary teacher.	CK
138746	Rosa Montero is an extraordinary woman.	Ramses
680913	They had an extraordinary relationship.	Source_VOA
316593	She has an extraordinary ability in music.	Nina
284065	It was extraordinary that he did not agree.	CM
3070578	Tom has an extraordinary array of trophies.	patgfisher
680915	Tom is an athlete with extraordinary speed.	Source_VOA
3000791	Nothing extraordinary has ever happened to me.	Hybrid
680914	Tom is an athlete with extraordinary strength.	Source_VOA
1474820	Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.	Spamster
72940	Two hundred fifty kilograms is an extraordinary weight even for a sumo wrestler.	CM