English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Experiment" in Example Sentences
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2249037	It's an experiment.	CK	1
351258	The experiment failed.	human600	1
2824375	He continued the experiment.	CK	1
3178427	We must stop this experiment.	CK	1
2275171	Don't be afraid to experiment.	CK	1
265199	The experiment was successful.	CK	1
3178428	We have to stop this experiment.	CK	1
3178429	We need to stop this experiment.	CK	1
298971	He used pigeons in his experiment.	CK	1
2359090	I've been experimenting with that.	CK	1
1094844	Tom did many of the experiments himself.	CK	1
317882	The people for the experiment were chosen at random.	CK	1
3088857	It was an experiment.	Guybrush88
1488264	Tom likes experimenting.	Spamster
351259	The experiment succeeded.	human600
259711	I experimented on animals.	CK
1510226	The experiment has to begin.	corvard
248119	We attempted the experiment.	CM
682103	Will the experiment succeed?	Source_VOA
46896	That experiment was a failure.	CK
465147	The experiment ended in failure.	saasmath
298973	He carried on with his experiment.	CK
1520842	Tom isn't afraid of experimenting.	Spamster
46899	I will leave the experiment to you.	CM
35401	Pasteur experimented with bacteria.	CM
46905	The experiment confirmed his theory.	CK
2600061	They're experimenting with a new car.	sharptoothed
298972	He explained why the experiment failed.	CK
3162132	I plan to help Tom with his experiment.	CK
1611178	The experiment seemed to be going well.	Spamster
290962	He tried the experiment again and again.	CK
534295	That experiment led to a great discovery.	Shishir
46901	The experiments led to great discoveries.	CM
680890	The scientists worked on their experiment.	Source_VOA
265196	The whole experiment was recorded on film.	CK
307151	They continued the experiment day and night.	CK
290961	He was the first to carry out the experiment.	CK
710979	The result of the experiment was inconclusive.	darinmex
44638	Those two experiments yielded similar results.	CM
2600007	We'd like to see the results of the experiment.	sharptoothed
298699	He is carrying out experiments in his laboratory.	Nero
58801	You can't afford to be careless in this experiment.	CM
2599987	The laboratory is experimenting with a new chemical.	sharptoothed
802692	They experimented with new ideas and ways of living.	Source_VOA
58798	We used the following procedures in this experiment.	CM
58796	You can't be too careful when doing this experiment.	CM
2163178	The teacher demonstrated the idea with an experiment.	Source_VOA
637736	Would you like to take part in this risky experiment?	Eldad
265195	The results of the experiment were not as we had hoped.	mamat
263073	We were disappointed with the results of the experiment.	CK