English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Expedition" in Example Sentences
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1853707	He took part in the expedition.	LanguageExpert
57956	This expedition will be expensive.	CM
49468	Who was the leader of the expedition?	CK
1294334	He never returned from that expedition.	CK
256042	I watched the expedition as it set off.	CK
276709	The expedition's supplies soon gave out.	CM
291118	He was the leader of the great expedition.	CK
303728	He left on an expedition to the North Pole.	CM
307262	They went on an expedition to the Antarctic.	CK
307552	They went on an expedition to the North Pole.	CK
1893610	We're talking about who should lead the expedition.	CK
46300	The boy dreamed of going on an Antarctic expedition.	CK
49469	We encountered a lot of difficulties on the expedition.	CK
276707	The expedition has postponed its departure to the Antarctic.	CM
305259	I anticipate that there will be problems on their expedition.	CK
322822	The reckless men froze to death during their expedition to the Antarctic.	CM