English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Executive" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2380402	I made an executive decision.	CK	1
1469146	She is the executive editor.	Danquebec
260647	I trust his executive ability.	CK
55743	This was an executive decision.	CM
2958994	Tom is a big railroad executive.	sharptoothed
28789	We sat face to face with executives.	CM
3030938	Tom is too soft to be a good executive.	sharptoothed
687750	Who represent the executive management?	lukaszpp
254455	I got acquainted with the chief executive.	CK
303602	He is an executive in an insurance company.	CK
3183606	Tom is an executive in an insurance company.	CK
314795	She got kicked upstairs to an executive position.	CM
1222530	A farewell party was held for the executive who was retiring.	CK
2571441	The matter is coming up before the board of executives tomorrow.	sharptoothed
268298	Senior executives spend a lot of time training their subordinates.	CM
22404	Some of the company's executives are out of town for a conference.	CK
266593	The executive committee appointed him the president of the company.	CM
58561	We'll need a head hunting agency to find the right man for this executive position.	CK