English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Except" in Example Sentences
Page 1

324988	No one came except Mary.	CK	1
2261238	Everyone except Tom left.	CK	1
2261239	Everyone left except Tom.	CK	1
2261243	Everyone laughed except Tom.	CK	1
2733268	I've seen nobody except you.	CK	1
259863	I work every day except Sunday.	CK	1
1048693	Everyone except Tom was present.	CK	1
1656158	I work every day except Saturday.	charlotte13	1
2323264	I don't trust anyone except myself.	CK	1
248013	We all went to the party except Joe.	CK	1
2892427	We're all Canadians here except Tom.	CK	1
1362581	He doesn't eat anything except fruit.	CK	1
1071659	Everybody except Joe went to the party.	CK	1
680869	Tom likes all vegetables except cabbage.	Source_VOA	1
1025900	Tom doesn't watch TV except on Saturdays.	CK	1
1030039	No one came yesterday except Tom and Mary.	CK	1
2359381	I've cleaned every room except your bedroom.	CK	1
2030076	Tom gave me everything except what I wanted.	CK	1
3240557	Tom never drinks except on special occasions.	CK	1
1054589	Except for the weather, it was a great picnic.	CK	1
2031957	I'd like everybody except Tom to leave, please.	CK	1
2483429	Except for leap years, February has only 28 days.	CK	1
58904	I would buy this watch, except it's too expensive.	CK	1
1027148	Tom always wears a tie to work, except on Fridays.	CK	1
33688	I enjoyed the concert except that the hall was cold.	CM	1
1093832	Tom had no choice except to accept the consequences.	CK	1
17140	Your composition is perfect except for a few mistakes.	Zifre	1
1094009	Tom gets home after 10:00 p.m. every day except Sunday.	CK	1
2951849	Except for Tom, everyone in the family can speak French.	CK	1
1830405	Tom doesn't eat anything except the vegetables that he grows himself.	CK	1
66968	Everybody except the Anderson family is going to the party next Thursday evening.	CK	1
2644521	Nobody was busy except me.	CK
262460	Everyone except me knew it.	CK
466241	All of us, except him, went.	CK
262462	Everybody is busy except me.	CK
2996337	Everybody laughed except Tom	CK
247153	Nobody was hungry except me.	CK
1088111	Everyone had come except you.	yujin
1388177	Everyone left, except for us.	CK
317634	No one was absent except her.	CK
466236	All of us went except for him.	CK
238877	Any day will do except Monday.	CK
262461	Everyone except me was invited.	CK
250404	Everybody was singing except me.	CK
392141	Everyone is here except for him.	CK
2996332	Everyone laughed except for Tom.	CK
1287879	We work every day except Sunday.	NekoKanjya
3109683	Except for Tom, everyone laughed.	CK
302274	He works every day except Sunday.	CK
34453	Except for Bill, they all made it.	Swift