English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Example" in Example Sentences
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2648139	Give us an example.	CK	1
395402	Show me an example.	CK	1
326035	Quote me an example.	CK	1
320312	Give me another example.	CK	1
2331857	I had to set an example.	CK	1
320313	Show me another example.	CK	1
2360573	I have to set an example.	CK	1
16329	You've set a bad example.	CK	1
2987068	Can you give us an example?	CK	1
2331856	I had to set a good example.	CK	1
2543670	I'll give you some examples.	CK	1
2360572	I have to set a good example.	CK	1
2210627	Why don't you follow Tom's example?	CK	1
1887016	I can't think of a suitable example.	Asma	1
1542387	They killed Tom as an example to the other prisoners.	Spamster	1
307840	Follow his example.	CK
594602	Give me an example.	Shishir
297627	He gave me an example.	CK
2167391	It was a good example.	alexmarcelo
2807667	It was just an example.	Hybrid
3022217	Try to set a good example.	sharptoothed
490674	Can you give me an example?	darinmex
71020	Let me give you an example.	Zifre
1620903	Let me show you an example.	Spamster
2550028	Take this one, for example.	sharptoothed
1454613	Give me a different example.	qana
268278	See the example given above.	CK
2550012	Could you give me an example?	sharptoothed
2543247	Could you give me an example?	CK
620391	Follow your sister's example.	kebukebu
2055178	It's easy to find an example.	charlotte13
38454	Please give us some examples.	CK
55386	This will set a good example.	CM
22712	We should follow his example.	CK
54972	Let this be an example to you.	CM
261697	I followed my mother's example.	CK
320301	Please show me another example.	CK
3152725	Let me give you another example.	CK
3232531	You should follow Tom's example.	CK
326011	For example, do you like English?	CM
680345	There are many examples of beauty.	Source_VOA
3154041	Give me an example of what you mean.	CK
3154047	Could you give us an example, please?	CK
17330	Do the first example in your workbook.	papabear
2265977	Give me an example. I don't understand.	_undertoad
17133	Compare your composition with the example.	CK
3066890	Tom asked Mary to provide another example.	CK
525267	"Tatoeba" means "for example" in Japanese.	Snout
298979	He illustrated the problem with an example.	CK
252384	I like animals, for example, cats and dogs.	CM