English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Examine" in Example Sentences
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2111841	Examine it.	CK	1
2111840	Examine them.	CK	1
2111839	Examine this.	CK	1
2358880	I've already examined it.	CK	1
2544288	I'll examine it for myself.	CK	1
680867	The doctor examined the baby.	Source_VOA	1
2016700	They didn't want me to examine it.	CK	1
267128	You'd better examine the contract carefully before signing.	CK	1
2645384	Tom examined it closely.	CK
2644432	Tom examined it carefully.	CK
2146062	I will examine your report.	Maralula
805322	A doctor examined Mr. Brown.	Source_VOA
27960	The doctor examined my throat.	CK
2549982	Has the doctor examined you yet?	sharptoothed
2268094	The doctor examined the patient.	_undertoad
2642449	The doctor examined Tom's wound.	CK
27999	The doctor examined the patients.	CK
2255625	He examined it from top to bottom.	_undertoad
394825	The doctor started to examine her.	CK
1454315	You should get your eyes examined.	CK
238771	I'd like to have my blood examined.	CM
261979	I'm going to have my eyes examined.	CK
1454313	You should have your eyes examined.	CK
320327	You should have your head examined.	CK
680865	Examine the car before you drive it.	Source_VOA
274948	We must examine the various aspects.	CM
238163	The police were examining their bags.	CK
2641306	Tom examined the contents of the box.	CK
1009278	He examined the spare parts one by one.	AOCinJAPAN
269794	Keep the dog still while I examine him.	CM
69513	You had better have your eyes examined.	CM
28043	I don't like to have a doctor examine me.	CK
258089	I had my teeth examined at the dentist's.	CK
272080	The customs officials examined the boxes.	CK
682505	Dentists take x-rays to examine your teeth.	Source_VOA
260954	I persuaded him to be examined by the doctor.	Eldad
304502	He examined the spare parts one after another.	CK
295382	He picked up a mirror and examined his tongue.	CM
3061039	Tom examines the rock with a magnifying glass.	CK
3061041	Tom examined the photo with a magnifying glass.	CK
70159	You should get your eyes examined by the doctor.	CK
239024	You should have a doctor examine your condition.	CK
44613	The doctor examined over fifty patients that day.	CK
531510	He took a mirror and carefully examined his tongue.	wma
249127	We dissected a frog to examine its internal organs.	CK
2639890	Tom picked the coin up and examined it more closely.	CK
277964	We have to appoint new members of the examining board.	CM
28007	The doctor examined the child and said she was healthy.	CK
39646	We examined the following magazines to collect the data.	CM
290425	He examined the house with an eye to opening a store there.	CM