English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Exact" in Example Sentences
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39744	Exact change, please.	CK	1
271595	What is the exact time?	CK	1
1771705	I had the exact same feeling.	Spamster	1
271598	I'd like to know the exact time.	CK	1
2290334	I didn't know the exact procedure.	CK	1
2539854	I was thinking the exact same thing.	CK	1
271597	Can you tell me the exact time, please?	CK	1
258232	I don't know the exact place I was born.	CK	1
1318718	No matter how hard I try, I can't remember the exact words.	CK	1
2047353	That's an exact measurement.	AlanF_US
2892315	Tom has this exact same coat.	CK
680863	They have the exact same face.	Source_VOA
260668	I repeated his exact statement.	CM
1520635	I thought the same exact thing.	Guybrush88
258970	I'm not sure of the exact date.	CK
3045719	Show me the exact spot you mean.	sharptoothed
680864	The measurement has to be exact.	Source_VOA
2181902	The exact same thing happened to me.	Hybrid
3131743	The exact same thing happened to Tom.	CK
56246	This is an exact copy of the original.	CM
3068954	Tom did the exact same thing Mary did.	CK
3122977	I need to know the exact date and time.	CK
2950635	What is the exact meaning of this word?	Ooneykcall
732297	Could you tell me the exact time, please?	Eldad
939284	Does someone have the exact time, please?	Guybrush88
43138	I know the exact time when that happened.	CK
680861	The bank needs a check for the exact amount.	Source_VOA
59665	I don't know the exact length of this bridge.	CK
680862	Can you give an exact report of what happened?	Source_VOA
264565	I do not know the exact place that I was born.	CK
2169272	Can you explain the exact meaning of this word?	FeuDRenais
271593	The exact temperature is 22.68 degrees Celsius.	CK
44122	I can't get at the exact meaning of the sentence.	CK
25966	I'd like to know the exact exchange rate for yen.	NekoKanjya
1128094	He built an exact replica of Notre Dame Cathedral.	CK
1472101	I do not understand the exact meaning of this sentence.	kostas
264338	Tell me the exact time when the next train will arrive.	CK
2674168	I repeated what he said, in the exact same way he said it.	Joseph
48089	Will you please explain to me the exact meaning of the word?	CK
256938	I'm a professor, or rather an associate professor, to be exact.	darinmex
271599	I forgot what the exact price was, but it was about 170 dollars.	CK
324475	You need to have exact change to pay the toll of the expressway.	CK
1398256	Tom and Mary have about 20 children, but they're not quite sure of the exact number.	Spamster