English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Evidence" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245880	I have evidence.	CK	1
2246003	I need evidence.	CK	1
2233674	This is evidence.	CK	1
1893763	We need evidence.	CK	1
2248379	I've got evidence.	CK	1
2236291	Tom found evidence.	CK	1
2239711	Tom wants evidence.	CK	1
1845505	Get me the evidence.	CK	1
268221	There's no evidence.	CK	1
2244704	Tom provided evidence.	CK	1
1141224	Tom concealed evidence.	CK	1
2645899	Tom found new evidence.	CK	1
2276034	I don't have any evidence.	CK	1
1860400	Don't touch that. It's evidence.	CK	1
2300220	I came here looking for evidence.	CK	1
2953634	We have all the evidence we need.	CK	1
2047729	I was careful to not leave any evidence.	CK	1
2047737	Tom was careful not to leave any evidence.	CK	1
1666217	There's no evidence that Tom has done anything illegal.	Spamster	1
1028898	Tom found the evidence we needed to convict Mary's killer.	CK	1
1023814	We now have all the evidence we need to convict Tom Jackson.	CK	1
1027382	It's very unlikely that any evidence will turn up to prove Tom's guilt.	CK	1
1027521	I still think it's unlikely that we'll find any evidence to prove Tom's guilt.	CK	1
1094775	Tom didn't have any hard evidence, but he thought Mary was the one who stole his mother's diamond ring.	CK	1
1895748	You have no evidence.	CK
268226	The evidence is clear.	CM
36603	What evidence do you have?	CK
268224	The evidence was against me.	CK
2931909	I destroyed all the evidence.	CK
2247197	The evidence is overwhelming.	CK
1115018	We must destroy the evidence.	Guybrush88
299658	He was called to give evidence.	CK
51121	There is evidence to the contrary.	CM
320440	The lawyer brought up new evidence.	CK
3309981	We've no hard evidence against Tom.	CK
299657	He was confronted with the evidence.	CM
51747	All the evidence points to his guilt.	CK
51117	There is no evidence to the contrary.	CM
69023	Can you produce evidence to clear him?	CK
3153309	There was no real evidence against Tom.	eirik174
2006366	They called on him to provide evidence.	AlanF_US
46257	The evidence left little room for doubt.	CK
3101533	Are you accusing me of planting evidence?	CK
268223	The evidence convinced us of his innocence.	CK
287734	Do you have any evidence to prove him guilty?	CM
2953633	We have all the evidence against you we need.	CK
293140	He is in desperate search of further evidence.	CM
2953644	We have new evidence to prove Tom's innocence.	CK
3127927	All the evidence suggests the Tom was murdered.	CK
285255	Is there any evidence that supports his position?	CM