English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Euro" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1026640	Tom converted about half of his yen into dollars and the other half into euros.	CK	1
1098485	It costs 2 euros.	cntrational
2154854	Can you give me a euro?	oneconor
757392	I earn 100 Euros a day.	sctld
3026315	I make 100 euros a day.	Sweetcheeks12354
1399537	I sold it for 600 euros.	enteka
462950	The tea costs two euros.	lukaszpp
1009351	I make 100 euros per day.	AOCinJAPAN
1744345	That will cost thirty euros.	belgavox
1771058	It costs around thirty Euros.	wwkudu
462938	The sunglasses cost twenty euros.	lukaszpp
1365290	The Swiss franc is pegged to the euro.	CK
508776	My husband makes 100,000 euros per year.	kebukebu
774221	It came to a grand total of 150,000 euros.	CM
1789129	Some Germans work for only one euro an hour.	Spamster
1617925	Spain will need to borrow 100 billion euros.	Spamster
673755	I pay 30 euros for every visit to the dentist.	qdii
1449248	"How much is he asking for?" "A thousand euros."	Eldad
434136	40 Euros for a scarf? Don't you have anything cheaper?	lukaszpp
2075343	In the next four years, 15 billion euros must be saved.	MrShoval
681844	The exchange rate of the dollar versus the euro has declined.	Source_VOA