English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Error" in Example Sentences
Page 1

69515	You made an error.	CK	1
2496751	Tom makes a lot of errors.	AlanF_US	1
264966	We learn by trial and error.	CK	1
20857	Correct the errors if there are any.	CK	1
27158	Many typographical errors were found.	NekoKanjya	1
1092898	Tom soon realized the seriousness of his error.	CK	1
1092320	Tom was unaware of some errors he had made when translating an important document for his boss.	CK	1
2936401	This is an error.	freddy1
20879	An error was made.	Nero
528532	That's a trivial error.	wma
453131	This is a common error.	FeuDRenais
960613	Please correct the errors.	Adou_Fr
2713299	It was my error, not Tom's.	CK
1676686	This book is full of errors.	Spamster
307752	Don't blame him for the error.	CK
1123569	They all laughed at his error.	nadsat
39888	At last, he realized his error.	CK
32169	Everybody laughed at his error.	qdii
2360249	I've seen the error of my ways.	CK
1126750	That was an unforgivable error.	nadsat
2957802	Tom quickly realized his error.	CK
1123568	They all laughed at their error.	nadsat
1042469	This sentence contains an error.	Eldad
284721	He made an error, as he often does.	CM
1042455	There is an error in this sentence.	Eldad
1426656	This database contains many errors.	MrShoval
1435897	There are errors in this phone bill.	caspian
1986352	Correct the errors, if there are any.	Eldad
277317	Fatal errors arise from carelessness.	CM
59214	This composition is free from errors.	CM
3058225	Unfortunately, an error has occurred.	Hybrid
2953800	We sincerely apologize for our error.	CK
16530	You had better not repeat such an error.	Zifre
263501	Trial and error is essential to progress.	CM
302723	He pointed out some spelling errors to her.	CK
20870	Let's take the utmost caution against errors.	NekoKanjya
596291	In time he'll come to see the error of his ways.	darinmex
17333	There are several spelling errors in your essay.	CK
55469	This is an error common among Japanese students.	CM
309311	Her composition had no grammatical errors at all.	CM
1193457	The sentence doesn't have any grammatical errors.	Nero
512935	We pointed out to him the error in his reasoning.	darinmex
255715	I got Mary to correct the errors in my composition.	CK
285264	If it had not been for his error, we would have won.	CK
257703	I had my brother correct the errors in my composition.	CK
680590	Tom corrected all the errors. Now the report is perfect.	Source_VOA
272651	We recently discovered an error in your personnel record.	CK
19710	Having been written in haste, the book has a lot of errors.	NekoKanjya
699992	It was determined that the plane crashed due to pilot error.	darinmex
60425	I assure you that an error like this will never happen again.	CK