English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Equipment" in Example Sentences
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2646042	Is this your equipment?	CK	1
2361204	I don't have the right equipment.	CK	1
2663055	We're having some equipment problems.	CK	1
2293180	I assume all our equipment is still up to date.	CK	1
1026384	Tom didn't have the right equipment to do the job.	CK	1
954467	We had a little trouble with the equipment yesterday.	CK	1
40263	Team members are provided with equipment and uniforms.	CM	1
954556	What kind of equipment is installed in the classrooms?	CK	1
2644452	Tom checked the equipment.	CK
680835	Doctors use medical equipment.	Source_VOA
1095647	Tom can put away the equipment.	CK
280445	Is it possible to rent equipment?	CK
802337	They did not have good equipment.	Source_VOA
1522315	It's a necessary piece of equipment.	Spamster
2711607	Is the electrical equipment grounded?	sharptoothed
680833	They have old construction equipment.	Source_VOA
533085	Their equipment is extremely advanced.	FeuDRenais
2641115	Tom inspected the equipment carefully.	CK
2266345	He has an electrical equipment factory.	_undertoad
57742	This store carries household equipment.	CK
279133	Keep away from the electrical equipment.	CK
57430	This hospital has a lot of new equipment.	papabear
920394	Another problem concerns the gym equipment.	Guybrush88
3097004	The barn is full of farm equipment and tools.	CK
68369	You need good equipment to climb that mountain.	CM
2318163	He regularly trains with bodybuilding equipment.	Gulliver
3226603	Rock climbing without proper equipment is dangerous.	CK
804289	These companies needed equipment and other supplies.	Source_VOA
680834	They need help to understand their office equipment.	Source_VOA
566100	I've been given permission to inspect this equipment.	darinmex
22377	Our advice is that the company invest in new equipment.	NekoKanjya
2662600	Buying new equipment isn't going to solve your problems.	CK
1516419	I've just been told that I have to bring my own equipment.	wrarshad91
269126	The new equipment enabled us to finish the work in an hour.	CK
3096951	Tom owns the biggest farm equipment dealership in this area.	CK
239255	I'm certain we can deliver the laboratory equipment by March 15th.	CK
1629127	Nobody has enough knowledge to adjust this equipment like John did.	cruzedu73
3137192	I can bring in some more sophisticated equipment if you think we need it.	CK
3097009	We still have some farm equipment that hasn't been used since my grandfather died.	CK