English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Entirely" in Example Sentences
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2057776	I'm entirely to blame.	CK	1
42628	It's entirely up to you.	CK	1
2953928	We're not entirely sure.	CK	1
3024014	That's entirely up to Tom.	CK	1
3023893	Tom didn't look entirely convinced.	CK	1
2283682	You don't sound entirely convinced.	CK	1
2954481	You don't entirely trust us, do you?	CK	1
2458472	I think Tom is entirely wrong about Mary.	CK	1
1028371	Tom left the matter entirely in Mary's hands.	CK	1
2327310	I'm not entirely sure.	Hybrid
1742986	Did you read it entirely?	belgavox
1431075	You are entirely correct.	Nero
1304604	You're not entirely wrong.	candistyx
294903	He is entirely in the wrong.	CK
2776247	It's not entirely your fault.	Hybrid
3305917	You'll be entirely on your own.	Hybrid
2663259	This is an entirely new problem.	CK
410356	He is not entirely without courage.	Scott
17340	I entirely approve of what you say.	CK
688045	The accident was entirely avoidable.	ulyssemc1
17030	Your guess is entirely off the mark.	CK
17182	Your idea differs entirely from mine.	CK
254137	I was entirely ignorant of the matter.	CM
311471	She did it entirely of her own accord.	CM
2953925	We're not entirely sure what happened.	CK
508334	I don't entirely understand what he said.	FeuDRenais
660366	She has the big room entirely to herself.	Nero
2986239	Tom wasn't entirely surprised to see Mary.	CK
3135668	I'm not entirely certain what has happened.	CK
258298	I'm not entirely satisfied with my position.	CM
250439	My opinion is entirely different from yours.	CK
2953926	We're not entirely sure what the problem is.	CK
540358	In any case, I've already entirely forgiven you.	blay_paul
995249	The things he says are entirely inconsequential.	NickC
2953927	We're not entirely sure why Tom did what he did.	CK
1439062	The outcome depends entirely on your own efforts.	quickfitter
1490277	It seems so to me that this is not entirely wrong.	niceguydave
283146	It is entirely up to him whether he does it or not.	CK
3022333	This doesn't entirely rule out another possibility.	sharptoothed
837396	Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance.	Scott
3157466	I'm not entirely convinced that what Tom said is true.	CK
49652	The committee was composed entirely of young teachers.	CK
253051	I agree with him to a certain extent, but not entirely.	CK
58042	This organization relies entirely on voluntary donations.	CM
324605	I don't care where we eat dinner. It's entirely up to you.	CK
285446	It was entirely by chance that I found out what he was doing.	CK
30023	Europe is now reported to be entirely free of new cases of this disease.	CM