English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Engineer" in Example Sentences
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2272946	Tom is an engineer.	CK	1
33158	Bob became an engineer.	saeb	1
1027033	Tom became an engineer.	CK	1
256815	I want to be an engineer.	CK	1
2543930	Tom's a very good engineer.	CK	1
777946	I want to become an engineer.	FeuDRenais	1
37055	Tom is an electrical engineer.	CK	1
1495743	Tom is working as a software engineer.	CK	1
1024854	Tom is studying to be a mechanical engineer.	CK	1
397588	I'm an engineer.	FeuDRenais
304441	He is an able engineer.	CM
250706	My brother is an engineer.	CK
1444969	Phillip isn't an engineer.	Nero
2957030	Tom is a systems engineer.	CK
295147	He wants to be an engineer.	CK
300332	He grew up to be an engineer.	CK
256816	I am going to be an engineer.	CK
2993145	We are looking for engineers.	Guybrush88
295148	He is going to be an engineer.	CK
250707	My brother became an engineer.	CK
1555888	My father-in-law is an engineer.	Espi
2735981	Tom is one of our top engineers.	CK
251716	My father is an electric engineer.	CK
319197	My father wants me to be an engineer.	CK
355097	The young engineer lacked experience.	Hautis
681071	Does genetic engineering improve nature?	Source_VOA
20055	The engineer climbed the telephone pole.	CK
38731	What made Bill decide to be an engineer?	CK
62956	Clive wants to be an electronic engineer.	CK
321891	I plan to take up engineering at college.	CK
2549914	The engineer brought the train to a stop.	sharptoothed
2258509	He was admitted to the engineering school.	_undertoad
2896843	My father is an architect, not an engineer.	migl
2268114	The engineers drew up plans for a new dock.	_undertoad
2986190	Tom is an unemployed aeronautical engineer.	CK
681070	Should we use genetic engineering on people?	Source_VOA
48755	The engineer told us how to use the machine.	CK
2549886	We need an electrical engineer for this job.	sharptoothed
1485983	Mr. Smith had three sons who became engineers.	CK
319107	My father works at the factory as an engineer.	CM
24514	How many engineers took part in the conference?	NekoKanjya
318925	My father works for the company as an engineer.	CK
1500124	This committee includes scientists and engineers	RoyTek
370714	Some of them are teachers, and some are engineers.	saeb
49656	The committee consists of scientists and engineers.	CM
453873	Otto Lilienthal was a German engineer and entrepreneur.	saasmath
680651	Tom is working toward a master's degree in engineering.	Source_VOA
2771419	The engineer knew every minute detail about the new model.	sharptoothed
60001	Two thirds of the employees of this company are engineers.	CK
2264372	The adjustment of the machinery was taken care of by engineers.	sharptoothed