English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Engine" in Example Sentences
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65220	The engine died.	CK	1
2646370	Tom killed the engine.	CK	1
65212	I got the engine going.	CK	1
1348919	The engine won't start.	CK	1
61303	This engine works well.	CK	1
18968	Tom started the engine.	CK	1
1141164	Tom stopped the engine.	CK	1
65228	The engine doesn't work.	CK	1
65215	Leave the engine running.	CK	1
46856	The car has a new engine.	CK	1
33544	I felt the engine running.	CK	1
2663377	We're having engine problems.	CK	1
2361834	I'd better turn the engine off.	CK	1
2064916	Something's wrong with the engine.	CK	1
2663172	There's a problem with the engine.	CK	1
1884510	Tom got in the car and started the engine.	CK	1
2770016	If you push the button, the engine will stop.	CK	1
2770017	The engine will stop when you push the button.	CK	1
38250	There must be something wrong with the engine.	CK	1
65214	I have to go soon because I left the engine running.	CK	1
269060	The new engine must undergo all the necessary tests.	CM	1
1042409	When Tom stopped for a stop sign, his engine stalled.	CK	1
65210	Cut the engine.	CM
65223	The engine gave out.	CM
1662834	The engine is purring.	Amastan
2877175	The engine works well.	astynk
1709156	I assemble car engines.	Amastan
2645287	Tom shut off the engine.	CK
1926425	The engine started again.	CK
65225	The engine wouldn't start.	CK
2550036	The train has two engines.	sharptoothed
2644302	Tom turned off the engine.	CK
38803	How can I start the engine?	CK
65226	The engine would not start.	CK
65213	Have you checked the engine?	CK
954247	Please turn off your engine.	CK
431628	Gentlemen, start your engines.	Clavain
50618	The engine is driven by steam.	CK
2961393	The fire engine is on its way.	meerkat
2542197	Tom tried to start the engine.	CK
1416070	Mr. Hashimoto started the engine.	CK
276796	Run the engine till it gets warm.	CM
32693	The engine has broken down again.	CM
1725134	Have you ever started this engine?	Amastan
288531	He stalled the engine three times.	CK
1745145	I have to disassemble this engine.	Amastan
1690481	Steam is coming out of the engine.	Spamster
266333	The mechanic assembled the engine.	CK
239955	The trouble may lie in the engine.	CK
61304	This engine consumes the most oil.	CK