English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Engage" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111736	I'm engaged.	CK	1
2107503	Tom's engaged.	CK	1
1893650	We're engaged.	CK	1
2236321	Tom got engaged.	CK	1
2241487	We were engaged.	CK	1
2243375	They were engaged.	CK	1
2362203	I just got engaged.	CK	1
1887920	I was engaged once.	CK	1
261114	I am engaged to her.	CK	1
2247915	I'm already engaged.	CK	1
250117	My sister got engaged.	CK	1
887242	She is engaged to him.	CK	1
3313084	We used to be engaged.	CK	1
887151	She got engaged to him.	CK	1
1028585	Tom is engaged to Mary.	CK	1
2359086	I've been engaged twice.	CK	1
1028857	Tom got engaged to Mary.	CK	1
1877438	Tom and Mary are engaged.	CK	1
297740	He got engaged to my cousin.	CK	1
1034608	My older sister got engaged.	CK	1
2361154	I don't engage in idle speculation.	CK	1
2406590	I still can't believe you're engaged.	CK	1
1028584	Tom is engaged to Mary's younger sister.	CK	1
2587652	They're engaged.	Hybrid
2262023	I'm engaged to Tom.	CK
40898	The line is engaged.	CM
1956195	Mary and I are engaged.	Spamster
37376	Tom is engaged to Ruth.	CK
52493	Jill is engaged to Jack.	CK
2958524	Tom was engaged to Mary.	CK
297038	He is engaged in business.	CM
295332	He is engaged in teaching.	CM
2644459	Tom and Mary were engaged.	CK
497284	He is engaged to my sister.	blay_paul
250973	My sister is engaged to him.	CK
310337	She is engaged to a rich man.	CK
2957093	Tom is engaged to be married.	CK
299064	He is engaged in selling cars.	CK
253208	I am engaged in AIDS research.	CK
312942	She is engaged in social work.	CK
294748	He is engaged in foreign trade.	CK
2642767	How long have you been engaged?	CK
258808	I am engaged in a new business.	CK
302905	He engaged her as an interpreter.	CM
293600	He is engaged in medical research.	CK
29193	Our troops engaged with the enemy.	CK
315885	She was engaged as an interpreter.	CM
297996	He is engaged to my younger sister.	sacredceltic
2641749	How long have you two been engaged?	CK
26633	I have no time to engage in gossip.	CK