English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Endure" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2646995	Tom endured the pain.	CK	1
388303	Can she endure a long trip?	CK	1
254580	I could hardly endure the pain.	CK	1
2100047	We've endured three wars.	erikspen
278313	You must endure the pain.	CK
2550010	How can you endure such cold?	sharptoothed
313783	She endured to the bitter end.	CK
317709	They endured many difficulties.	Dejo
306396	They had to endure a hard life.	CM
2549978	I just can't endure it any more.	sharptoothed
493068	How much more suffering can they endure?	darinmex
68008	I can't endure that noise a moment longer.	CK
44997	There are various ways of enduring the pain.	CM
270542	You have to endure a lot of hardships in life.	CK
307027	They had to endure great hardship during the war.	CM
2956302	Tom closed his eyes tightly and endured the pain.	CK
1008678	What a shame to just endure life rather than enjoying it.	darinmex
323495	A fund was set up with a view to preserving our endured planet.	CM