English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Encourage" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111444	That's encouraging.	CK	1
3172188	Don't encourage Tom.	CK	1
2236245	Tom encouraged Mary.	CK	1
2251064	That's encouraging news.	CK	1
2251308	That's very encouraging.	CK	1
2953656	We have some encouraging news.	CK	1
2325163	I encouraged Tom to be himself.	CK	1
2396299	Nobody encouraged Tom to study.	CK	1
2325165	I encouraged Tom to learn French.	CK	1
2325166	I encouraged Tom to study harder.	CK	1
1028970	Tom encouraged Mary to try again.	CK	1
2451395	Tom encouraged me to learn French.	CK	1
1028969	Tom encouraged Mary to write a novel.	CK	1
3171590	Tom encouraged his son to study French.	CK	1
2325164	I encouraged Tom to exercise more often.	CK	1
1094184	Tom encouraged Mary to buy a hybrid car.	CK	1
1094183	Tom encouraged Mary to leave right away.	CK	1
2396300	Nobody encouraged Tom to work any harder.	CK	1
249003	We are encouraged to use our imagination.	CK	1
324387	All my friends encouraged me to try my best.	CK	1
1028971	Tom encouraged Mary to take ukulele lessons.	CK	1
1028972	Tom encouraged Mary to learn how to speak French.	CK	1
1093370	Tom keeps encouraging Mary to do things on her own.	CK	1
2042780	You might want to encourage Tom to do his own homework early.	CK	1
1095708	Tom called Mary last night and encouraged her to join the team.	CK	1
1903338	What do you think is the best way to encourage Tom to study more?	CK	1
1893830	We have to figure out a way to encourage Tom to do the right thing.	CK	1
2042913	Tom didn't want to encourage Mary to do anything that might get her in trouble.	CK	1
40334	No one encouraged her.	Swift
1329086	Nobody encouraged her.	Eldad
2135271	Nobody encouraged him.	Eldad
2258210	Encourage him to do it.	_undertoad
2644814	Tom should be encouraged.	CK
321349	I will go to encourage him.	Dejo
2259028	Let's encourage the players.	_undertoad
510166	Dad's always encouraging him.	FeuDRenais
322693	Democracy encourages freedom.	CK
1126747	Try to encourage me a little.	nadsat
297545	He encouraged me to try again.	CK
254489	I was encouraged by his words.	CK
311337	She was encouraged by the news.	CK
3171589	Tom encouraged me to try again.	CK
2549986	Do you feel more encouraged now?	sharptoothed
1662440	Tom is encouraging his students.	Amastan
70643	We encourage your participation.	CM
298540	He was encouraged by his success.	CM
3185358	I encouraged Tom to stay in college.	CK
316312	She encouraged him to write a novel.	CK
31483	You must encourage him to try again.	CK
300951	He encouraged his son to study harder.	CK