English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Emergency" in Example Sentences
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1173321	It's an emergency.	cntrational	1
2358980	I have an emergency.	CK	1
2548187	It was an emergency.	CK	1
2171987	There's an emergency.	nanioitte	1
236828	This is an emergency.	CK	1
2547496	We have an emergency.	CK	1
2234108	What's the emergency?	CK	1
2359630	I've got an emergency.	CK	1
2713601	It's not an emergency.	CK	1
2234171	What's your emergency?	CK	1
2546474	It's an emergency, Tom.	CK	1
3310205	We've got an emergency.	CK	1
1886725	What is your emergency?	CK	1
2331574	I had a family emergency.	CK	1
2358978	I have an emergency here.	CK	1
1886686	What's the big emergency?	CK	1
1890971	I'm declaring an emergency.	CK	1
1860532	Tell Tom it's an emergency.	CK	1
317955	Where's the emergency exit?	CK	1
2953628	We have a medical emergency.	CK	1
2358660	I have a bit of an emergency.	CK	1
2953717	We need emergency assistance.	CK	1
2358979	I have an emergency situation.	CK	1
2331818	I had to go to the emergency room.	CK	1
1024900	Tom is prepared for any emergency.	CK	1
3202179	Should I tell Tom it's an emergency?	CK	1
3114013	We're in the middle of an emergency.	CK	1
3114021	What's the nature of your emergency?	CK	1
317952	You must be prepared for an emergency.	CK	1
1177509	Tom has an emergency that has to be dealt with.	CK	1
680801	Tom got an emergency call and had to leave work.	Source_VOA	1
18803	In case of an emergency, get in touch with my agent.	CK	1
1109237	Tom hated to bother Mary so late at night, but it was an emergency.	CK	1
1029240	Tom didn't want to disturb Mary so late at night, but it was an emergency.	CK	1
2171985	It's an emergency!	nanioitte
1886727	What is the emergency?	CK
2023306	Consider it an emergency.	charlotte13
450773	Where is the emergency exit?	CK
18791	Report to the emergency room.	Swift
2643187	Tom said it was an emergency.	CK
3310206	We've got a little emergency.	CK
322533	Ring the bell in an emergency.	CK
2001853	Use only in case of emergency.	marcelostockle
303008	He pushed the emergency button.	CK
18801	In case of emergency, call 119.	CK
2171994	There's an emergency situation.	nanioitte
1793862	This is not an emergency issue.	AsliAbbasi
2957757	Tom pulled the emergency brake.	CK
3201282	Tom told me it was an emergency.	CK
3201249	You told me it was an emergency.	CK