English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Embassy" in Example Sentences
Page 1

873636	I work at the embassy.	alexmarcelo	1
1759431	Where is the Dutch embassy?	loghaD	1
281794	Where is the Japanese Embassy?	CK	1
2641378	You're from the embassy, aren't you?	CK	1
1761753	I work at an embassy.	Tereza
687644	Where is the embassy?	lukaszpp
1759220	Where is the Greek embassy?	loghaD
1759192	Where is the Danish embassy?	loghaD
1758837	Where is the French embassy?	loghaD
1758838	Where is the German embassy?	loghaD
1759377	Where is the Indian embassy?	loghaD
871558	This is the American Embassy.	alexmarcelo
1759441	Where is the British embassy?	loghaD
1759164	Where is the Chinese embassy?	loghaD
1759212	Where is the Finnish embassy?	loghaD
1759387	Where is the Israeli embassy?	loghaD
1759393	Where is the Italian embassy?	loghaD
1759411	Where is the Russian embassy?	loghaD
1759426	Where is the Spanish embassy?	loghaD
1758818	Where is the Swedish embassy?	loghaD
1759436	Where is the Turkish embassy?	loghaD
1578723	Greta is going to the embassy.	CM
1759446	Where is the American embassy?	loghaD
1759186	Where is the Canadian embassy?	loghaD
1759198	Where is the Egyptian embassy?	loghaD
1759233	Where is the Hungarian embassy?	loghaD
1759403	Where is the Norwegian embassy?	loghaD
1759176	Where is the Australian embassy?	loghaD
1759399	Where is the New Zealand embassy?	loghaD
2943060	Tom works for the Australian embassy.	CK
288864	He has access to the American Embassy.	CM
875754	Excuse me. Where's the American Embassy?	alexmarcelo
288865	He is a diplomat at the American Embassy.	CM
1758821	There's a Swedish embassy in Washington D.C.	loghaD
2169019	He has worked in the embassy for three months.	alexmarcelo
2943065	Have you been to the Australian embassy website?	CK
275707	The embassy is located next to the Supreme Court.	Scott
2943069	Tom went to the Australian embassy to get a visa.	CK
880509	Can you tell me how you get to the American Embassy?	alexmarcelo
2259785	We saw the military attaché of the American Embassy.	_undertoad
245578	My sister works at the United States Embassy in London.	CK
275706	The embassy denied political asylum to foreign refugees.	CM
2457360	They're giving a big ball at the American Embassy tonight.	sharptoothed
2943075	I think you should apply for a job at the Australian embassy.	CK
1847005	The Japanese embassy has warned Japanese citizens to be careful.	Chrikaru
2943074	They plan to evacuate all nonessential personnel from the embassy.	CK
871500	Hello. My name is John Reindle. I work at the American Embassy in Prague.	alexmarcelo