English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Elevate" in Example Sentences
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2245584	Hold the elevator.	CK	1
2252656	There's no elevator.	CK	1
383819	Is there an elevator?	MUIRIEL	1
65239	Where is the elevator?	CK	1
2546836	Hold the elevator, Tom.	CK	1
262714	We rode in an elevator.	CK	1
253211	I went down by elevator.	CK	1
1093944	Tom got on the elevator.	CK	1
1093947	Tom got off the elevator.	CK	1
3313086	We can take the elevator.	CK	1
2280425	They entered the elevator.	CK	1
1877571	Tom walked Mary to the elevator.	CK	1
1898219	The elevator doors wouldn't open.	CK	1
3043615	Can you hold the elevator, please?	CK	1
2404166	I rode up in the elevator with Tom.	CK	1
1872434	Tom was stuck in a crowded elevator.	CK	1
2673966	Do you have an elevator in your house?	WestofEden	1
1153966	I took the elevator to the third floor.	belgavox	1
953289	Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?	CK	1
534213	I took the elevator to the fourth floor.	CK	1
2412508	Tom and Mary were alone in the elevator.	CK	1
65243	I went up to the 5th floor in an elevator.	CK	1
1938777	I thought Tom would walk you to the elevator.	CK	1
2414070	Tom and Mary waited for the elevator together.	CK	1
37214	Tom became good friends with the elevator operator in their hotel.	CK	1
2537076	Tom got on the elevator and pressed the button for the third floor.	CK	1
2644423	Tom got into the elevator.	CK
2268108	The elevator isn't running.	_undertoad
2543335	Tom waited for the elevator.	CK
65242	We jammed into the elevator.	CM
65236	The elevator is out of order.	CK
65247	I smell smoke in the elevator.	CK
2541946	I'll meet you by the elevators.	CK
1522029	Somebody farted in the elevator.	erikspen
2712976	Tom hurried toward the elevator.	CK
2642293	Tom walked toward the elevators.	CK
2712967	Tom walked towards the elevator.	CK
23259	We went up and down by elevator.	CK
434776	Give me a room near the elevator.	lukaszpp
2956784	Tom glanced toward the elevators.	CK
1272799	You can always ride the elevator.	Guybrush88
65240	You may not smoke in an elevator.	Nero
2662360	That elevator is for freight only.	sharptoothed
2641854	Tom pushed Mary into the elevator.	CK
65234	You may not smoke in the elevator.	CK
65241	Are we allowed to use the elevator?	CK
462698	The elevator is out of order today.	lukaszpp
1516159	The elevator came to an abrupt halt.	emory989
247905	We went up and down in the elevator.	CM
33331	Most elevators operate automatically.	CK