English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Electric" in Example Sentences
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2674944	I use an electric toothbrush.	Hybrid	1
58915	This clock is electric.	CK
1655737	I bought an electric car.	Spamster
1323131	I own an electric guitar.	CK
1981499	He drives an electric car.	Spamster
1342132	I have an electric guitar.	CK
1389915	Tom bought an electric car.	Spamster
279228	The electric light went out.	CK
3058411	The Tesla is an electric car.	Hybrid
2674945	I love my electric toothbrush.	Hybrid
65327	Edison invented the electric lamp.	CK
2931936	I forgot to pay the electric bill.	CK
251716	My father is an electric engineer.	CK
680445	They built the first electric car.	Source_VOA
3123170	Where can I charge my electric car?	patgfisher
237852	My brother bought an electric guitar.	CK
247661	Our electric heater did not work well.	CK
903279	Electric cars can be recharged at home.	Guybrush88
279146	Our electric heater does not work well.	CK
301798	He likes to take electric devices apart.	CK
279134	Electric irons are heated by electricity.	CK
2722186	I received this electric knife as a gift.	Hybrid
681420	This factory manufactures electric stoves.	Source_VOA
279237	An electric current can generate magnetism.	CK
888503	He was on the roof with his electric guitar.	mahdiye
279147	Something is wrong with our electric heater.	CK
464432	We should use the electric blankets tonight.	lukaszpp
268559	Steam trains were replaced by electric trains.	Dejo
751765	Thomas Edison invented the electric lightbulb.	Darkmaster
303884	He shaves with an electric razor every morning.	CK
316827	She installed a new electric stove in the room.	CM
3060832	They strung the electric wire from pole to pole.	sharptoothed
59791	This machine is driven by a small electric motor.	CM
573910	There are sparks flying out of the electric socket.	FeuDRenais
1334365	Electric cars don't function as well in cold weather.	Scott
268560	Steam locomotives run less smoothly than electric trains.	CM
1251997	A strong wind severed the electric wires in several places.	NekoKanjya
1331331	I should have tested this electric shaver before buying it.	Eldad
522320	An electric guitar doesn't sound the same as an acoustic one.	darinmex
1008901	I should have tried out this electric razor before buying it.	AOCinJAPAN
57711	I should have tried out this electric shaver before buying it.	CK
2163125	Electric power companies are seeking to reduce their use of coal.	Source_VOA
2313834	Gas cookers consume half the amount of energy as electric cookers.	Gulliver
1344666	You'll end up getting an electric shock if you don't insulate that wire.	CM
67449	Aya likes intense colors, such as hot pink, electric blue and deep purple.	CM
244034	The first electric calculator came into existence toward the end of the 19th century.	CK
326984	If you calculate the electric field using this equation, the result comes out like the following.	CM
2949921	I don't think Tom would like it very much if I used his electric beard trimmer without his permission.	Hybrid