English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Effort" in Example Sentences
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23353	All our efforts were in vain.	CK	1
271322	Success depends mostly on effort.	CK	1
1042309	Tom's efforts have been rewarded.	yessoos	1
3109445	We will make every effort to do so.	CK	1
22870	We should make every effort to maintain world peace.	CK	1
953583	I realize the effort you have put into this project and I really appreciate it.	CK	1
297963	He mocked my efforts.	CM
1166659	I admire her efforts.	Chrikaru
309583	Her efforts bore fruit.	CM
1933622	I appreciate the effort.	CK
687950	You must make an effort.	lukaszpp
1510228	Your efforts are futile.	corvard
287225	His efforts were in vain.	CM
2045154	It's not worth the effort.	chubbard
2267825	That effort bore no fruit.	_undertoad
287228	His effort will bear fruit.	CM
1750143	All my efforts were in vain.	djtait
287234	His efforts come to nothing.	CM
262628	Our effort ended in failure.	CK
306735	They scoffed at our efforts.	CM
680786	Tom's efforts were rewarded.	Source_VOA
70443	Your effort deserves praise.	Zifre
786218	Your efforts came to nothing.	Vortarulo
305272	All their efforts were in vain.	CK
65376	Amy made an effort to stand up.	CK
2214144	He made no effort to apologize.	Hybrid
2582584	It's just not worth the effort.	Hybrid
279470	My efforts produced no results.	CK
16957	Your efforts will soon pay off.	al_ex_an_der
23352	All our effort ended in failure.	CK
301840	He failed due to lack of effort.	CK
27145	I will continue with my efforts.	CK
680788	Being in good shape takes effort.	Source_VOA
29105	Our efforts will soon bear fruit.	CM
249277	We made every effort to help him.	CK
3281695	It was a waste of time and effort.	CK
16959	Your efforts will pay off one day.	eastasiastudent
283909	His success depends on his efforts.	CK
257919	I made an effort to finish my work.	CK
3281700	I think that was a waste of effort.	CK
1853849	I was well rewarded for my efforts.	Spamster
254838	I will make every effort to get it.	CM
1607	Nothing is achieved without effort.	Zifre
247587	Our success depend on your efforts.	CK
1166435	Our success was due to his efforts.	etoile
2882877	Thank you for your time and effort.	CK
305276	Their efforts were not for nothing.	CM
279476	Your effort will surely bear fruit.	CM
16963	I hope your efforts will bear fruit.	CK
258963	I made efforts to improve my grades.	CK