English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Economy" in Example Sentences
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51884	The strike affected the nation's economy.	CK	1
680049	The country's economy is about to collapse.	Source_VOA	1
680779	Tom always flies economy class to save money.	Source_VOA	1
325122	What will the Japanese economy be like next year?	CK	1
237943	How is the economy?	CK
2548642	The economy is bad.	CK
1265409	The economy is good.	Scott
237950	The economy is picking up.	CK
680778	Tom wanted an economy car.	Source_VOA
680780	Economy cars save you money.	Source_VOA
1544435	The economy progressed slowly.	Bah_Dure
680777	We stayed at an economy hotel.	Source_VOA
237937	I hope the economy picks up soon.	CK
680781	That country's economy is growing.	Source_VOA
680782	Are you worried about fuel economy?	Source_VOA
67506	The U.S. economy is in good health.	CK
237996	The economy has entered a recession.	CK
281522	Japan has to reconstruct its economy.	CM
281378	The economy of Japan is still stable.	CK
1622385	The world economy is in grave danger.	Scott
1211457	What do you think of Japan's economy?	alec
237994	The economy is in a slight depression.	CK
281635	The Japanese economy is in depression.	CK
271151	The world economy is in recession now.	CK
680783	We are all part of the global economy.	Source_VOA
67507	The American economy is in solid shape.	CK
281632	The Japanese economy developed rapidly.	CK
281633	What will happen to the Japanese economy?	CK
805274	The American economy suffered a recession.	Source_VOA
817008	The global economy is spiraling downwards.	papabear
281379	The Japanese economy grew by 4% last year.	CM
807488	Truman's first big problem was the economy.	Source_VOA
304933	What they are doing is ruining the economy.	CM
281465	Japan plays a key role in the world economy.	CM
805272	The American economy was stronger than ever.	Source_VOA
807513	The economy improved from poor to very good.	Source_VOA
47908	The country's economy depends on agriculture.	CK
67505	The U.S. economy is the largest in the world.	CM
281376	What do you think about the Japanese economy?	CK
1008921	America's economy is the largest in the world.	AOCinJAPAN
2163173	The storm had a serious effect on the economy.	Source_VOA
237988	A stable economy is the aim of every government.	CM
807631	The depressed economy showed signs of improving.	Source_VOA
271168	The world economy will not recover anytime soon.	CM
241210	Hong Kong is the least regulated economy in Asia.	CM
259821	I have to complete a paper on the Japanese economy.	CK
239027	International trade is vital for healthy economies.	CM
765315	It will also help to strengthen the city's economy.	eastasiastudent
802672	They blamed him for failing to improve the economy.	Source_VOA
868265	The budget is bound to fluctuate due to the economy.	beaushiny