English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Earthquake" in Example Sentences
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259413	I'm afraid of earthquakes.	CK	1
2541716	Tom didn't feel the earthquake.	CK	1
1096401	It wasn't much of an earthquake.	CK	1
244635	We had an earthquake last night.	CK	1
281600	Earthquakes frequently hit Japan.	CK	1
277182	Earthquakes may occur at any moment.	CK	1
281288	We have a lot of earthquakes in Japan.	CK	1
1096018	Tom and his family survived the earthquake.	CK	1
277221	Earthquakes and floods are natural disasters.	CK	1
953258	Everybody in the building felt the earthquake.	CK	1
57909	A great many houses were damaged in the earthquake.	CK	1
269399	According to the paper, there was an earthquake last night.	CK	1
953267	Everywhere you look you can see damage caused by the earthquake.	CK	1
45130	The earthquake was the biggest one that we had ever experienced.	CK	1
2400165	Tom donated money to the Red Cross to help survivors of the earthquake.	CK	1
2892414	Was there an earthquake?	CK
680774	Earthquakes destroy buildings.	Source_VOA
301468	He is ready for an earthquake.	CK
482398	Japan has frequent earthquakes.	Swift
1817373	He was killed in the earthquake.	Amastan
281291	Japan is subject to earthquakes.	CM
45136	The earthquake shook the houses.	CK
1761990	Are there earthquakes in Germany?	Amastan
3177885	Tom slept through the earthquake.	CK
3201630	Tom told me about the earthquake.	CK
45128	The earthquake smashed everything.	CK
349092	There was an earthquake yesterday.	zipangu
1578588	Yesterday there was an earthquake.	CM
279728	A big earthquake occurred in Tokyo.	CK
320237	The wall gave way in the earthquake.	CM
281577	There are many earthquakes in Japan.	CK
277203	There is no danger of an earthquake.	CK
1475467	An earthquake can happen at any time.	CK
680680	An earthquake destroyed the building.	Source_VOA
315669	She was scared by the big earthquake.	CK
24142	The house collapsed in an earthquake.	Swift
242258	There was an earthquake this morning.	CK
26159	They have few earthquakes in England.	CK
45133	A fire broke out after the earthquake.	CK
244786	Did you feel an earthquake last night?	Nero
277194	The buildings shook in the earthquake.	CK
244785	There was a big earthquake last night.	CK
1422123	Did you feel the earthquake last night?	CK
680772	In Haiti, there was a large earthquake.	Source_VOA
681777	It's impossible to predict earthquakes.	Source_VOA
273769	The city was alarmed by the earthquake.	Zifre
680703	The earthquake in Haiti was a disaster.	Source_VOA
2959055	This is the worst earthquake on record.	sharptoothed
243097	A great earthquake hit Mexico this fall.	CM
453674	Many lost their homes in the earthquake.	FeuDRenais