English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Dust" in Example Sentences
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2236672	Tom is dusting.	CK	1
2645908	Tom dusted himself off.	CK	1
312172	She brushed away the dust.	CK	1
268093	The floor was covered with dust.	CK	1
20576	Dust had accumulated on the desk.	CK	1
48823	The machine was coated with dust.	CM	1
50024	The ladder was covered with dust and rust.	CK	1
958802	Dust off the shelf.	FeuDRenais
1529654	I'm allergic to dust.	erikspen
1690562	A dust storm is coming.	Spamster
292732	He is allergic to dust.	CK
33462	The dust rose in clouds.	CM
3222386	Tom is allergic to dust.	Hybrid
680755	We need to dust the desk.	Source_VOA
680754	There's dust on the table.	Source_VOA
540284	Clean the dust off the shelf.	FeuDRenais
320351	Dust got into one of my eyes.	CM
319687	Dust was blowing in the wind.	CK
35502	He is allergic to house dust.	CK
42743	It was all covered with dust.	CK
680757	We need to sweep up the dust.	Source_VOA
20533	The desk is covered with dust.	Eldad
319561	The room is covered with dust.	CK
287460	His room was covered with dust.	CK
265562	The car raised a cloud of dust.	CK
39592	The table was coated with dust.	CM
2265909	Everything is covered with dust.	_undertoad
48619	The empty house was full of dust.	CK
680756	The horses make dust as they run.	Source_VOA
317095	She dusts the furniture every day.	CK
2796045	The furniture was covered in dust.	CM
1493095	Everything here is covered in dust.	rkqb
53135	Jack brushed the dust off his coat.	CK
306585	They didn't want to get any gold dust.	CM
265431	The car left a cloud of dust behind it.	CM
24106	All the furniture was covered with dust.	mamat
310856	She shook the rug to get dust out of it.	CM
62313	The goggles protect your eyes from dust.	CK
312171	She used a damp rag to wipe off the dust.	CK
265444	Each passing car threw up a cloud of dust.	Dejo
59823	You must keep this machine free from dust.	CM
456645	Probably you are allergic to pollen or dust.	lukaszpp
39630	Will you please wipe the dust off the table?	CK
2094445	There wasn't even a speck of dust on the table.	MethodGT
1566865	This dust is impossible to filter from the air.	corvard
2537519	Tom wrote his name on the dust-covered windshield.	CK
2892308	Tom had several bags of gold dust in the trunk of his car.	CK
46002	Covered with dust, the doll stood in the corner of the room.	CM