English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Dumb" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2248142	I'm not dumb.	CK	1
2236962	Tom isn't dumb.	CK	1
3171305	Tom is not dumb.	CK	1
2273355	Tom is pretty dumb.	CK	1
2799083	I think you're dumb.	Nero	1
2647487	Tom isn't that dumb.	CK	1
2050563	Don't play dumb, Tom.	CK	1
2270347	Don't do anything dumb.	CK	1
3142734	That's a dumb question.	CK	1
2050575	Don't play dumb with me.	CK	1
2275155	Don't play dumb with us.	CK	1
72014	He is the dumbest kid in the class.	CK	1
2342348	I felt dumb.	Hybrid
1981738	He is not dumb.	AryKiss
138912	Don't play dumb!	fcbond
2260365	This is so dumb.	Hybrid
304162	He remained dumb.	CM
300445	He was born dumb.	CM
2020543	She's a dumb blonde.	Spamster
3120819	Tom is not a dumb guy.	Hybrid
1979554	Not all blondes are dumb.	AryKiss
3142740	That was a dumb question.	CK
870455	In other words, she's dumb.	Scott
2265865	Don't play dumb. I know you.	_undertoad
1383508	Teens do a lot of dumb stuff.	Spamster
71982	He is too dumb to fear danger.	CK
478574	She was blind, deaf, and dumb.	BlueLagoon
1325620	This is the dumbest idea ever.	Scott
2957091	Tom is dumb, but not that dumb.	CK
2953924	We're not as dumb as you think.	CK
2954969	You're not as dumb as you look.	CK
712263	The world is full of dumb people.	qdii
3142589	Tom thought it was a dumb question.	CK
33855	Helen Keller was blind, deaf and dumb.	CK
2509463	The poor child was born deaf and dumb.	sharptoothed
34765	We were struck dumb with astonishment.	CK
3113968	That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.	CK
2213544	The cook put the food in the dumb waiter.	Hybrid
2947374	Smart people can pretend to be dumb. The opposite is more difficult.	Dejo
289277	He got tired of being the devil's advocate and now agrees with every idea they suggest, no matter how dumb.	CM