English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Double" in Example Sentences
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2245406	Double the dose.	CK	1
2245407	Double your bet.	CK	1
1890923	I'll pay double.	CK	1
2648772	Make it a double.	CK	1
2111739	I'm double-parked.	CK	1
2248243	I'm seeing double.	CK	1
1890973	I'm double-jointed.	CK	1
2007798	Let's double check.	CK	1
2548046	Tom's double-parked.	CK	1
73726	It's a double whammy.	CM	1
2402252	You're double-parked.	CK	1
2547317	I'd double-check that.	CK	1
40600	I'd like a double room.	CK	1
3147974	I'm doubling my prices.	CK	1
72809	Do you have a double room?	Eldad	1
59347	This word has a double meaning.	CK	1
953174	Did you double-check these figures?	CK	1
1094237	Tom doubled his investment in a year.	CK	1
319918	Prices are double what they were ten years ago.	CK	1
1040652	Tom double-checked his door to make sure it was locked.	CK	1
1211993	This weekend Tom and Mary plan to go on a double date with John and Alice.	CK	1
1466884	She's double-jointed.	Nero
680738	Twins double the fun.	Source_VOA
426799	Double-click the icon.	jerom
2131392	She has a double chin.	freddy1
426797	Double-click on the icon.	FeuDRenais
349706	He earns double my salary	zhouj1955
297971	He earns double my salary.	fucongcong
282483	I'll pay double the price.	CK
1546518	It's a double-edged sword.	Spamster
2210283	There's a double standard.	Hybrid
2270623	You'll have to pay double.	_undertoad
2985577	Our sales doubled this year.	sharptoothed
3329726	Can I have a double espresso?	CK
64030	I doubled over with laughter.	CM
2956850	Tom had to do a double shift.	CK
2542712	You should double-check that.	CK
301690	He paid double the usual fare.	CK
243116	Sales should double this year.	CK
2807632	Tom ate a double cheeseburger.	Hybrid
2686468	I'd like to book a double room.	Lenin_1917
2270661	It has more than doubled in size.	Hybrid
278569	My brother paid double the price.	CK
1437082	We'd like a double room with bath.	CM
2258270	He bought a double-barreled shotgun.	_undertoad
18353	The only room available is a double.	CM
2373996	I just thought I should double check.	CK
315229	She doubled over, clutching her side.	CM
16907	Your book is double the size of mine.	gracefully
2539163	I'm sure Tom wouldn't double-cross me.	CK