English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Domestic" in Example Sentences
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906745	What's your favorite domestic wine?	CK	1
282384	The horse is a domestic animal.	Zifre
2549976	I'd rather not do domestic work.	sharptoothed
906744	What's your favorite domestic beer?	CK
2549954	Most of these products are domestic.	sharptoothed
265872	A housewife has many domestic duties.	CM
296799	He is afraid his wife is not very domestic.	CM
2265809	Domestic mail was delivered four times a day.	_undertoad
22614	We consumers must buy more domestic products.	Dejo
271416	The Government's domestic policy was announced.	CK
24039	You'll find domestic articles on the third floor.	CM
1992909	Smoking is now prohibited on all domestic flights.	CK
256627	I prefer to buy domestic rather than foreign products.	CK
271470	The government has taken measures to promote domestic industry.	CM
241438	The shrinking of the domestic market has been blamed on inflation.	CM
60667	This butter is domestic, but it is in no way inferior to foreign butter.	CK
22384	The company is turning to export markets to make up for a decline in domestic sales.	CK