English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Dock" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1868172	Tom is on the dock.	CK	1
1092730	Tom tied his boat to the dock.	CK	1
1092347	Tom was sunbathing on the dock.	CK	1
1963149	The ship hasn't even docked yet.	CK	1
2425536	Tom seems to enjoy just sitting on the dock and watching the seagulls.	CK	1
2006446	Tom usually fishes off the dock, but sometimes he fishes from the shore.	CK	1
2849778	What were you doing by the docks?	CK
1222850	The huge tanker has just left the dock.	CK
2268114	The engineers drew up plans for a new dock.	_undertoad
1211030	The ship lowered its gangway after docking.	darinmex
1222851	A huge tanker just pulled out from the dock.	CK
2006564	There are a number of fishing boats tied up at the dock.	CK
1534338	The foreman docked me an hour's pay for getting to work late.	darinmex
1093282	Tom likes to sit on the dock with his feet dangling in the water.	CK
1093283	Tom likes to sit on the dock playing his tin whistle while looking at the sunset.	CK